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  1. General Mini Chat
    Hello all, Info: 6'2 200lbs without gear No dirt or jumps involved Kart tracks, full size tracks(msr Cresson 1.3, maybe 1.7) I'm looking hard at 85 2t because texas has an 85 2t, 190 4t class and anything smaller would probably implode with me on it. Whatever it is will run 12" wheels and be...
  2. General Mini Chat
    Hey guys, I'm fairly new to the SM scene so I need a lot of help figuring out my sumo build. I would really appreciate any advice on parts, setup, etc for a 2014 Yamaha YZ85. I haven't found much with this year yz85 on this forum. Has anyone built a sumo with this year model? Thanks
  3. Project Builds Showcase
    Hey so i'm new here. I'm going to be picking up a new 2014 yz85 this week end. My intentions will be to convert it into a fully street legal supermoto. I was wondering what mods i would have to make. I'm thinking of putting 17" or 14" tires on it. preferably tires with some ridges. any...
  4. Wanted
    Hey im looking for 01 rm 80 Supermoto setup or just a rim & tire setup (12's) new to this whole SM thing so chill out if my pot is not correct :thumbup:
1-4 of 4 Results