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  1. General SuperMoto Chat
    So I torqued my intake cam to 7.2 ft/lbs and it broke right down the middle. I heard that the cam caps are matched to the head so what do I do? Could i just weld the 2 broken pieces together?
  2. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hello, I've just joined the forum after finding and reading a thread about stator issues. I have just bought a 2006 YZ450f and I'm planning to road register it and stick some 17" wheels on for SM street riding. I have had a KTM 660 SMC in the past and loved the raw savage power, but got fed...
  3. Yamaha
    Hi guys! I am despirately looking for a set of black plastics for my 2004 wr450. To my knowledge and searching on the net they do not exist in black for this year and model, but i have read a few forums from about 10 years ago saying that the yz plastics will fit, i have also read another...
  4. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi, just road registered my 2003 '04 model yz450, tried it out on the road at the weekend, great on country lanes, however it seems to top out at about 70max (going by a speedometer app on my phone), and it certainly feels about that speed too. It is the 4 speed box, i know 5 would be better...
  5. Project Builds Showcase
    Here she is my 2006 Street "Legal" Yamaha YZ450SM.. After a few months of waiting for parts, shes finally somewhat done... 2006 Yamaha YZ450SM sorry for the shitty Phone is a POS - Need a 17x350 front wheel to replace the 16.50 front I currently have.. a 16.5x3.50...
  6. Street Tarders
    I am looking for a number plate like this one. [/URL][/IMG] It cant have the headlight cut out because I want to put mine in it. I think it looks goofy up on my handlebars. [/URL][/IMG] And no it doesn't fit in my current number plate. Thanks to all that help.
  7. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Anybody know if 140 kg is right for sumo setup? YZ450 Saw this on CL and looking for input before I but.
  8. Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Hey I'm Junior. I just got into supermoto a few months ago and decided to sell my R6 and buy a 2011 YZ450 and supermoto it out! I haven't gone out very much since I don't know anyone who SM in the area. Just looking for some new friends who wanna ride together and talk SM!
  9. Bike Parts
    Sadly, time won't allow me to play at the track so the SM kit needs to go. Was mounted on my '09, which has the larger rear axle, but it can be made to fit the earlier bikes with the correct Talon bearing/spacer kit. Black Excel rims, silver Talon hubs, Bulldog spokes w/spline dr. nipples. 16.5"...
  10. Bike Parts
    NY Title YZ450 frame. Good shape, was used for motocross last two years so it has typical wear and tear. Not a show piece but 100% solid condition, no issues and best of all ready to tear up the street! You should be able to make this work for a WR450 also but you are on your own with it. I...
  11. Street Tarders
    wr 426 2002
  12. Street Tarders
    My stator went on my bike. I bought it a little less than a year ago I believe the guy who had it before me put an electro sport stator in it. I did some research and ended up going with a stator from electrex world ltd a company from the UK. I probably should have done this before I went and...
  13. Bikes
    I'm selling my 2008 Yamaha YZ450F. I bought the bike new at the end of '07 and built it up for racing at Loudon, New Hampshire in the LRRS series. I run the #93 Expert plate. The bike finished 4th in the 2011 SuperSingles championship. I can do 1:22s up there on it but I'm old and slow. I'm...
  14. Bikes
    Hey guys well i picked up a xr650r and well i dont race so theres no reason for me to keep the ol' yz450 so im putting her up for sale or trade. SO first things first lets get the specs out of the way. Bike: 05 yz450f street title The bike had 20 hrsish on it i was told and I would agree...
  15. Bikes
    2006 Yamaha YZ450 Supermoto. This bike was professionally built at Epic Motosports. $4000 obo!!! Specs: -Durelle Suspension -FMF Powercore Muffler -Braking 4-Piston calilper -Braking Master Cylinder -Braking 320mm Rotor -Hinson Slipper Clutch -Excel Rims/Hubs (3.5x17, 5.0x17) -Acerbis SM...
1-15 of 15 Results