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  1. Help with gearing on my wr400 for just street use

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    Hi guys i just need a little advice on what gearing i should use on my 2000 model wr400f, i bought the bike as a rolling frame and the engine had been pulled apart as the previous owner wanted to fix the 5th gear issue but didnt have a clue, after inspection more than 5th has gone, all 3 shifter...
  2. Am i a tard?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys just wanted to say hello. :bannana: I picked up a pretty decent '02 yz 426 f for $1300 in october and have been tearing up the piplines and trail around southeast texas ever since. I am wanting to street legalize/tard it out but i really would like to be able to swap from street to dirt...
  3. Need crankshaft or bottom end for a 2000-2002 Yamaha yz/wr 426

    Threads are messed up on the stator side of my crankshaft, I'm looking for either a crankshaft to replace it, or possible a partial or complete bottom end to swap over. Let me know what you have! My email is [email protected]