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  1. Hi everyone

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello SuperMoto Junkies i'm gonna start off by introducing my ride, it's a 1999 Honda XR600R, wich is not SuperMoto'd already, i bought it off by a good price and despite the scuffs, it goes great and it has been revisioned by a Honda dealership, they said it is in mint condition (as far as the...
  2. '86-'91 XR600 front/rear wheel swap XR650R

    There have been many requests over the years about fitting XR650R wheels to XR600s and vice versa, none with a decent explanation unfortunately. (nothing turned up on search) I would like to clear this up a bit with a proper how to since I have a chance on getting my hands on a set of cast SM...
  3. Southern Illinois, XR600R Street Legal Supermotard, Title in Hand

    Up for sale is a 1987 XR600R that has been converted to 2000 specs. It has been completely rebuilt (rings, crankshaft bearings, moose clutch, stage 1 hot cam, and gaskets) and has 1996 CBR F3 wheels milled to fit the bike. The wheels still retain the cush-drive system. It has all new wheel...
  4. So-cal moto

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I have wanted a SM since I can remember. As a kid I had an XR200, and used to ride it on the street as much as I could get away with. First time I saw a motard I knew I had to have one. So I aquired two XR600's about a year ago and am ramping up to convert one full SM. I ride often so any and...