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  1. WTB: XR 400 SM parts / set-up

    Looking to turn a XR 400 into a SM. Rims, breaks, ??? Thank you [email protected]
  2. New Member from Houston, Texas saying Hello

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello All! I am Shawn from Sugar Land, Texas (just SW of Houston). I just wrangled up a XR400r and I am contemplating making it a SuMo and switching back & forth between dirt & street as appropriate (I am sure I will learn from you guys if this is a good idea or not). Experience: I started...
  3. How do i get this tank!

    Street Tarders
    The xr400r quit being sold in the US in (whatever year) and didnt give us an update on the plastics but somewhere else honda did. and the tank is AMAZING and i want it but ive tried findong places to get it from but i cant find it. you would think someone would have it but idk maybe the bike is...
  4. 2003 XR400R to SM

    Project Builds Showcase
    This my bike I'm from Costa Rica maybe we don't have where to buy a lot of things here but I'm trying to make my bike a SM. BTW this my first time posting something here This are some on the parts I'm going to use in this project: Protaper Contour CR High gold Handlebar Acerbis Uiversal sm...
  5. XR400 Supermoto in michigan

    Selling my 96 honda xr400 Street legal supermoto. Has 17" street bike wheels converted for motard use . Bike has the free uncorking mods done to it and a larger xr600 carb installed. Does 93 Mph topped out via GPS. Cruises at 55-60mph very comfortably. The street wheels are geared for the...
  6. XR400R 17" Wheels, hubs, expanded tank, sprockets...

    New owner to a 2004 XR400R looking to get an extra set of wheels ... prefer 17" complete supermoto style but will work with stock sets or even hubs alone and build my own. Also, looking to get an oversized gas tank in time, current chain/sprockets are shot and I may be interested in plastic...
  7. XR400R owner from Wisconsin

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello all, I’m new to the forum and having wet dreams of throwing a set of 17” wheels under my new to me 2004 XR400R. Been a CBRjunkie for the last few years and living north of the frost belt has pushed me away from the tight sportbikes and back into the dual sport concept. Used to have an...