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  1. Getting a plate in Massachusetts??

    Street Tarders
    Hello everybody, I am currently building up a supermoto from my 2004 XR400r and am looking for some information regarding how I would go about getting it plated here in Massachusetts. Ive heard from multiple sources that it is nearly impossible to get a dirtbike street legal here in mass and...
  2. WTB: XR 400 SM parts / set-up

    Looking to turn a XR 400 into a SM. Rims, breaks, ??? Thank you [email protected]
  3. Xr400 fork swap advice

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Was thinking about converting to crf450 forks. Can anyone help me with every part I would need to complete the swap and which year parts would be best. I have a 2003 xr400. Thanks :D
  4. New guy from North Carolina XR400

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys I'm just getting into SM after years of woods racing. I have my old XR400 that runs as good as ever with new carb and soon to have a new fork setup. I was looking into converting it to SM but wanted to ask for advice first. Is there anything in particular I need to be aware of or is...
  5. Greetings from the Land Down Under

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi All, Thought I'd better stop by the introductions forum and make myself known... A bit about myself - I started riding about 6 years ago on sportbikes, only reason it was sportbikes is because that is what I dreamt of when I was a kid! Anyway I have been doing track days since then, but am...
  6. WTB: Honda XR400 Frame (1997)

    I am looking for decent straight Frame for my 1997 Honda XR400. Or, a good deal on a parts bike I could salvage the frame from. Thank you!
  7. XR 400 SM wheels

    Looking for a used set of sm wheels for my 98 xr400 project. On a little bit of a budget so i would like to spend around 800 for complete wheels with rotors. maybe even a sprocket and relocater bracket. Probably asking to much but worth a try before i buy some cheap wheels off motostrano and...
  8. XR400 Supermoto in michigan

    Selling my 96 honda xr400 Street legal supermoto. Has 17" street bike wheels converted for motard use . Bike has the free uncorking mods done to it and a larger xr600 carb installed. Does 93 Mph topped out via GPS. Cruises at 55-60mph very comfortably. The street wheels are geared for the...
  9. XR400R 17" Wheels, hubs, expanded tank, sprockets...

    New owner to a 2004 XR400R looking to get an extra set of wheels ... prefer 17" complete supermoto style but will work with stock sets or even hubs alone and build my own. Also, looking to get an oversized gas tank in time, current chain/sprockets are shot and I may be interested in plastic...
  10. Intro / XR400 wheel question

    Street Tarders
    Hi all, I'm new to the list, but several folks pointed me this way to maybe get some help on a project I'm starting. I've got my old '96 XR400 that is collecting dust since there's no places left to ride in the woods around here anymore. I got an idea to turn it into a trackday bike, but I'm...
  11. XR400 Sumo Wheel setup

    Bike Parts
    Selling my Mag wheel conversion set off my XR400. These are Katana wheels that are fully machined and adapted to run on a Xr. Cush drive is adapted and works great! These will for Many Xr bikes 250, 400, 600, 650. You may have to modify the spacers if anything at all. Has new tires on the front...
  12. Xr400 Supermoto conversion

    Street Tarders
    Well I had the yz426 sumo (blown up twice) and the TTR 250 (needs more power) sumo, Cashed out of both of those projects and scored a nice Xr400 for $875! Its runs great .as i have been riding it in dirt mode for a few weeks. Really got comfortable fast on the bike as it has a good balance of...