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  1. Wr250x spark arrestor help please!!!!

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hi guys, ive had a look round and I cant see anything saying HOW to remove the spark arrestor from my 2008 wr250x. I have looked at videos on other people who had removed theirs but most of there exhaust have two...
  2. Video of hardcore street ride WR250X and DR400SM

    Hello Yamaha moto heads, I have for your viewing pleasure a short video of a WR250X being chased by a DR400SM. We had alot of fun making the video hope you like it !! Also check out more videos of supermoto, mini bike stunts on my youtube channel ...
  3. 2009 WR250X - 50 Miles - Many Mods

    I'm looking to gauge interest in a 2009 Yamaha WR250X with about 50 miles on it. I've owned it a few months (maybe 3 months or so) and done just about every mod short of the big bore kit. It has the fender eliminator, smoked signals, hand guards with integrated blinkers, hand guard integrated...