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  1. Anyone from rockland? Post pictures of your supermoto !

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    i love watching videos of supermotos doing wheelies and seeing pictures so post em!
  2. wr250x in denver CO

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    hello from Denver CO.
  3. wr250x fmf power programmer

    When I turn on my bike my fmf programmer lights up the first green light for a second then the red light up at the end. When I turn on the bike green stays lit and lights go up responding to throttle. My question is at thebeginning startup aren't the lights suppose to scroll across showing that...
  4. Carburetor Questions

    Street Tarders
    On the DRZ vs. WR-X comparison, for me, the main difference is a carbureted bike versus a fuel injected bike. I have a few questions for those in support of carburetors and I couldn't find an answer to these few questions. I am aware that the answer could vary slightly when talking about...
  5. G'Day from Ozzy Mexican

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I have always told my wife that i don't believe in love at first sight, That is until i saw my first supermoto. After a number of years off from riding i decided to get back on bike. I used to ride a roadie and have ridden a few cruisers and dirt demons but for the life of me could not decide...
  6. Wr250x MotoMaster Rotor and Caliper w/ new pads ALL UNOPENED 700$

    Bike Parts
    hey im selling the Moto master 320mm race rotor brand new unopened, Motomaster Caliper Brand new unopened with race brake pads un-used in package for 700$ shipped let me know im opened for trades and offers.
  7. Dear WR250X, Merry Christmas. . . now lets get you fixed up

    Yamaha just kicked my ass. I just ordered distanzia's :D , fmf pipe, the wiseco fuel programmer an oil filter and some grips. I'm excited about this fuel management. The price is fair, I've never had a bad piston from them, and I really like how the adjustments are setup...
  8. WR250X Transmission, Shift fork, not shifting?

    Hey all, I have a 09 with 3500 miles or so. 85% street with the rest being supermot/kart tracking. No problems with the bike but during my last two track days the bike was unable to complete shifts from 2nd to 3rd on more then one occasion. I first thought it was me not giving it a firm enough...
  9. DRZ400 or WR250X???

    Im trying to decide what to buy for a supermoto. I already have a drz400 off road bike, but I want to ride on the road. I found a sweet 2008 wr250x, but im afraid since i am an experienced rider, going down to the 250 will suck. Has anyone ridden both? Its just going to be for city commuting and...
  10. Yamaha WR250x complete supermoto wheels/tires

    Bike Parts
    These are stock Yamaha hubs (new never used) powder coated black, new Yamaha spokes powdercoated blue and black Excel Takasago wheels. The front has a Maxxis 120/60/17 rain tire mounted on a 3.50x17 rim. The rear has a Maxxis 165/50/17 rain tire mounted on a 4.25x17 rim. Both wheels and tires...
  11. Wr250x FullThrottle caliper bracket

    If you have it pm me your price nd ill pay
  12. Is this a good deal on a 2009 wr250x (USA)?

    General Mini Chat
    Totally in the wrong section, sorry. Do not see a delete button. Mods please remove.
  13. Newb WR250X from TN

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    HEY guys! Hating to admit it on a forum of experts but I'm a newbie to motos in general but, a while back really really got into the thought of riding so I started to do some research and supermotos seem to be my style! So I did some more research to find a good starter sumo but yet something...
  14. Project Sumo X (2010 WR250X full mod with Pics)

    Project Builds Showcase
    Thought I'd show a little love back for all you posters that gave me some ideas. Here's a list of mods, timeline, total weight reduction, some feedback, and pics. Enjoy!! Mods: -+2 teeth SunStar rear sprocket -2 Bros carbon slip-on exhaust (exup removed) -Graves exup servo eliminator -K&N hi...
  15. 2009 wr250x supermoto - MASS -

    2009 wr250x supermoto Located in central mass - just turned 2,000 miles Bike runs MINT - great shape - Black with graphics removed. edge fender elim kit, and new turn signals. front fender trimmed, rim stripes added. 49T rear sprocket - and new chain (will include all stock parts...
  16. my custom wr250x monster graphics lets see what everybody thinks

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Made my own monster graphics from some vinyl I picked up I got green too im thinking black plastics with green logos later maybe over the winter lets see what everybody thinks
  17. WR250x , where did you buy your sprockets?

    i have done some digging , (maybe not deep enough) but cant seem to find were to buy a 46 rear sprocket. :headscrat thanks
  18. Wr250x noises?

    Hey guys This might seem like a silly post to some of you, but I figured I might as well ask. My wr250x is coming up on a thousand miles, had it's break in oil changed, and been on a 300 mile road trip. Even now I'm still getting used to the bike. It is my first bike, and because of that I'm...
  19. Looking for supermoto! North east Ohio 4000$

    Found a nice drz thanks to wheeling cycle supply! Thanks!
  20. 2008 WR250x In Virginia *Price Drop*

    I am selling my WR250X I am the first owner and it has been a great bike and a blast to ride but I believe its time for it to find a new owner. Reason for selling is that I think its time to try out another bike that I have had my eye one. The bike has been well maintained and is in excellent...