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  1. WR250X Turbo Project start to finish

    Supermoto pics/vids
    So I have a 2009 wr250x that I have decided to Turbo charge. I purchased the stage 2 kit from and I will be receiving it on the 28th. I plan to video and photo record the project from start to finish to include some dyno runs. I have seen a few videos out there but no build ones yet so...
  2. WR250X Graphic Options?

    What are some graphic options out there for a WR250X? I found a pretty cool P40 kit but it was $160 and really all I wanted was the tank graphics. Anyone know of a place that sells them separate? Pics never hurt either!
  3. Custom Yahama Supermoto, decked out, only 2,000 miles

    2008 Yahama WR250X 2,XXX miles Clean NC title in hand 6 speed (most SM's are 5spd) Electric start Fuel injected (always starts right up no matter the tempetaure!) Aluminum frame Electric cooling fan (wont overheat in traffic like most converted moto's) 2nd owner, I purchased it stock with 400...
  4. Paging All Veteran Supermoto Riders!

    Alright guys, I'm sure this has been rehashed a lot but I really need some guidance on what bike to get. First off let me say I'm pretty confident in my riding abilities (been riding dirt bikes all my teenage years). What I'm looking for is a street legal Supermoto that's reliable, low(ish)...
  5. riders in cape breton nova scotia?????? and 100km offroad run!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    hey, im a new rider here i have a wr250x, from cape breton..... any riders here? msg me if sooo!!! alos theres a 100 km off road run this weekend, mostly ATVs looking for some more dirt bikes/supermotos:lol::rolleyes2:
  6. Found Graceland while exploring...

    Supermoto pics/vids Passed this road, something told me to turn around... I'm glad I did. Somewhere in deland, Florida. No Idea where on map but I know how to get there. I'm going back this sat. It's connected to a completly paved undeveloped neighbohood with a stacked lot...
  7. Short video, playing in the woods on the wrx...

    Supermoto pics/vids
  8. How to keep yourself updated about the idiocy that goes on in Sweden! :)

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Check it and follow up boys and girls! The more followers the more moronic vids :) (I apologise if i have broken any rules about advertisement or something, but this is just for fun no financial gain involved)
  9. ~My o8 WR250X~ . . . . AfteR the SupermotoJunkie ChoPPing BlocK ! ThAnKs ! EnJoY !

    Supermoto pics/vids
    08 WR250X 5k miles MODS AND SUCH ~fmf powercore exhaust ~fmf programmer (3/5.5/.5/8/4/4.5) (31 hp dyno tune, I got off of here somewhere) Works well i feel, any suggestions? ~Mamba lowering link ~k&n air filter (airbox mod) ~protaper Handelbars ~protaper risers ~protaper 47t rear Sprocket...
  10. Wr250x Stunt Parts ALL BRAND NEW UNOPENED!

    Bike Parts
    50stunt Stunt pegs-224$ new from 50stunt, 150$ SHIPPED Renthal Fat Bars Black+50stunt bar ends, 50$ SHIPPED 50stunt Front/Rear axle sliders black-80$ each pair new from 50stunt, front/rear pairs for 100$ SHIPPED Street pegs-90$ new from 50stunt, 50$ SHIPPED DID 520 O-Ring chain, 100$ new from...
  11. Lazer Star LED headlight

    Street Tarders
    Hello SM people! Thought I would post this here and introduce myself. I ride in the South Seattle area. We have tons of bitchin mountians and killer ORV parks to ride on. But Seattle is dark 7 months out of the year which makes riding even during the daytime a challenge. I have a 2008 Yamaha...
  12. 2008 Yamaha WR250x - Cincinnati Ohio

    2008 Yamaha WR250X - Under 8K miles. Clean and Clear title in hand. - Acerbis Hand Guards - DRC Edge2 Tail Tidy / Fender Eliminator - LED Turn Signals - Power Commander 3 - K&N Filter - Pro Taper Contour Fat Bars - Risers - Bar End Mirror - Axle Sliders - Front and Rear - Yoshimura Pipe -...
  13. 2008 250XCF 27.2 hrs Trade for Motard TENNESSEE

    I have a 2008 250 XCF with GPR dampner and hard parts skid plate. Purchased new. Bike is in mint condition, original tires, brakes, chain and sprockets ect. Looking to trade for a nice street legal supermoto. Email me pics with offers. [email protected] Thanks. Bike is in middle TN.
  14. wr250x suspension adjustment

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    i have an 08 wr250x, i am 180 lb without gear, and the suspension is way too soft for my liking ive read a few threads on here, thumper talk, and the wr250r forum and still have some questions. from what i have read the front suspension can be adjusted to the stiffest settings and work...
  15. WTB: Stock WR250X near Ohio

    I'll be going to school next week, and I'd like to have this bike as a commuter to class and work. I am looking for something that I can get for as close to $3000 as possible. I know that sounds low, but I'm okay with less than pristine plastics and a few miles. Something that hasn't been modded...
  16. wr250x chain recommendations and beating a dead horse

    i have all the uncorking mods on my bike and now really want to change the gearing. i know nothing about motorcycle chains and need some recommendations, very specific recommendations. for example if you recommend EK chains there are what seem to be hundreds of different EK chains and i wont...
  17. metalic rattle at high rpm on my 08 wr250x

    as the title says when i am about 3/4's the way to the rev limiter on my wrx i am hearing a metallic rattle as if one of my back foot pegs is shaking around or my exhaust is rattling against something or maybe the insert adapter for my fmf pc4. i have checked all the bolts i can get to without...
  18. Hey - WR250X Adventure Touring

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Anyone know of a windscreen that fits a wr250x, works, is detachable and doesn't look lame? I'm "commuting" 200 miles from South East PA to Northern PA where it's dirt road heaven. Thanks
  19. Wr250x Speedo "E"" code

    Left key on the other night which of course drained the battery. Charged battery and starts and runs fine, but speedo display shows only "E" and no error codes. Do I need to reset something? Manual and web searches yield lots of info on specific codes, but I don't even get a code.
  20. Ryan's supertard. (Slow WR250X commuter bike.)

    Project Builds Showcase
    Cumulative Mod List: Body: Acerbis SuperMoto front fender Custom fender eliminator Protection: Z-Carbon front sprocket cover Z-Carbon chain guide cover Z-Carbon rear caliper guard Z-Carbon rear rotor guard Cycra ProBend handguards w/sliders w/o plastics T-rex engine and front/rear axle sliders...