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wr 450f

  1. Which 450 for street? wr450, crf450x, klx450r, rmx450z

    Street Tarders
    I'm looking at getting into the sport of supermoto. Currently my skill set on a dirtbike has just been offroad. A buddy of mine let me ride his klx250sm and something just seemed to click. I now want a supermoto..... but want something that isn't such a turd like the klx. So I've decided I...
  2. yamaha supermoto wheels for 2006 wr450

    So i just picked up a 2006 yamaha wr450f and im looking to convert it to a street sumo (mostly college commuting with the occasional weekend ride). Luckily its already street titled and plated with all the electronics and such. I'm rebuilding the transmission and top end as we speak . I'm...
  3. WR 450F frame guards...

    Street Tarders
    hey was just wondering if anyone has a link to a site selling blue plastic frame guards for an 05 WR 450F. I dont want anything fancy, or expenive... my own guardsa re gone bad from my ankles rubbing them. Cheers! I didnt know where to put this thread so sorry if its in the wrong area!:thumbup: