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  1. 2014 WR450F Electrical / Lighting tips needed

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all, Motorcycle noob in need of some help. It's my first bike. I use it around town, on the twisty roads in the countryside and on trails. Right now I'm waiting on my SM wheels to arrive. Goal is to have an all-day everyday sm and be able to quick switch to the stock wheels for trails and...
  2. 2010 510SMR turn signal wiring help

    Hey everyone, so I had a question about making sure I am wiring the turn signals on my bike correctly. I just bought some aftermarket turn signals (Jupiter LED) and can't figure out what wires go with what. On my husky, the wires are blue and light blue. On the signals the wires are black and...
  3. CRF450R DIY AC 12v Wiring Loom

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I've had a search around here and the Google, but can't find what I need; specific help. I have a CRF450R 2006, which I've just installed an "electrexworld" ignition and lighting stator, which with the OEM flywheel is rumored to give 70watt, revved up, power. I'm in the process of building...
  4. DRZ400e lighting HELP!!!

    Ok so i decided to put some new bars and a fender on my bike and sure enough i do and they look great but as soon as its done and put back together the head lights brakes lights blinkers or essentially any of the lighting will not work. the bike itself will start and run but the lights will just...
  5. KTM 520SX Conversion - Wiring/Switch help

    Street Tarders
    Just tying up a 520SX supermoto conversion (540 big bore, titled/plated) and I need some help. I got the wiring harness from an EXC and have it mostly figured out. The guy I bought the bike off of was running it without a battery, and there look to be two kill switches, one at each hand grip...
  6. HELP with aftermarket headlight installation!!!

    Street Tarders
    All, I recently bought a Moose Species headlight for my 2001 KDX200. I am having trouble figuring out what wires go to what seeing how no instructions/diagrams were included. I have attached 3 photos: one of the new headlights wiring, second of the wiring coming off the bike, and third of...
  7. running headlight off of seperate battery?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    i have a rm125 and i was hoping to strap on a headlight, probably trailtech x2, but i dont want to have to buy a stater and all that, i was hoping i could maybe run my headlight off of a seperate little battery tucked behind the headlight? any ideas? is this even possible?
  8. Elusive short keeps blowing fuse- suggestions pls

    Street Tarders
    So, ive tried everything i can think of to find the fault in my electricle system. I've wiggled wires, and took a spray bottle to it. Cant seem to find what is causing the fuse labeled "turn signal" on my 2008 wr250x to keep blowing. Looking at the wiring diagram, i see that damn near everything...
  9. Brake Light Wiring Problem any help would be appreciated SM610

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Could be really basic but: Husqvarna SM610 bought from orig owner, he had put a UFO Phantom LED brake light/fender on, but the brake light stays same brightness, does not react to brakes being engaged. So tested all wiring turn signlas etc & wires leading to 3 wire brake light as per manual...