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  1. need help on deciding, build my own or get the classic drz, but with a twist!!!!!

    Street Tarders
    ok so here is the twist, im 16 going on 17 and within the next few months i need to make my first decision, wr450 strip it down and get it powder coated (probably older model) etc rebuild the thing... or buy a used drz400. Heres a little info about me, i race motocross, have a 07 yz250f, im 135...
  2. 690 or 950?

    Street Tarders
    Hey Junkies, could use your guidance. Mostly ride street/canyons, occasional slog to work (45 minutes), occassional track day. Started with a 625 SMC Ilot of fun, lot of vibes) traded it for a 530exc with street tires (ridiculous fun, scared of the maintenance)..sold and got a Husky SM610...