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  1. KTM Wheelie Crashhhhh.

    Supermoto pics/vids
  2. WheelieTime ft. Brag & Boost MFMM 2013

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Trip to Veenendaal MFMM.
  3. DRZ Wheelie

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    Its been mentioned a million times I know, but I can't get it. My bike is a 2000 drz400e soon to be supermoto. 14/47 gearing, Ive read all the forums and watched all the videos. Heres what I do; just above idle in second gear, 2 finger pull clutch rev engine let clutch out. and just a small...
  4. SM630 coolant leaking after wheelies

    Hey guys, I'm kinda stuck in understanding whats happening with my bike. My 2011 Husqvana SM630 (which is only ~2000mi) is loosing coolant after good wheelie pulls. Just a couple of wheelies makes every hose connection literally bleed with coolant. The weird part of it comes when i keep both...
  5. Pimpstarlife Pre-Summer Riding 2012

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Hey everyone! :rolleyes: Just wanted to share our latest vid, it's a lot of fast past clips and the usual ruckus to get us amped for summer! Hope you enjoy!
  6. WR450sm testing out the Go Pro!

    Supermoto pics/vids Let me know what you guys/gals think! :bannana:
  7. another drz wheelie help post!!

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    i have a 07 drz400 with full yosh pipe, FCR carb and stock gearing. i can do a wheelie in first without even thinking about it but i cant for the life of me do it in 2nd!!! wtf? also does it make sense that my bike is winding out at 60 mph?
  8. LONG WHEELIE in two stroke bike?

    Hi :) I'm new to stunting, I have SUZUKI SHOGUN - 2stroke with 14hp. I can do wheelie for just 10feet long(11'o clock), not more than that. When I try to do long wheelie, often dropping my bike. need some help. Cheers
  9. Appalachian Mountain Stunt Riding On Motards, Dirtbikes, 4 Wheelers..

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Just a preliminary teaser. Lots more footage to go through, motard only video soon.
  10. bike setup... crankcase breather... 08 crf450r

    Ryan Moore's Supermoto Street Style
    what have you wheelie'ers been doing with this? just checked schematics and i am pretty sure it is the same system used on all crf450's and crf250's... (and probably every friggin' 250 or 450 there is) there is a tube from the top of the valve cover about 6 inches long, a tee, then one tube...
  11. KLX 110 Motard Spreader Wheelie

    Mini Pics and Vids.
    That front tire feels like it weighs 10lb.s, it changes the balance completely!
  12. Vid: Swedish Brothers in arms

    Supermoto pics/vids
    A friend of mine this this video a couple of days ago. No boobs but one of his best so far!!!