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  1. Wanted
    I'm in the hunt for a sumo in the 450+ range. Street legal is nice, but not a must. Or if you just have go-to shops/sites for looking/buying outside of SMJ, that is helpful too.
  2. Wanted
    Just bought a 2015 Yamaha WR250R and looking to get some SUMO wheels/tires. Let me know what you have with some pics. Thanks
  3. Wanted
    Hi, Searching for a few parts for my bike please check out the list below and let me know if you have something for sale. Project is being built as a dedicated track bike... If you have something not on the list that could be of interest please don't hesitate to let me know. Located in...
  4. Wanted
    I have a 2007 DRZ400sm. I am looking for the complete factory headlight assembly with plastic shroud. Black in color or white. THANKS
  5. Wanted
    I'm looking for aftermarket parts and some stock ones as well. Stock riser insert and bolts and a stock link for the rear shock to swingarm. Aftermarkets : just about any, sliders , pcv w auto tune, stabilizer under bar or over, shark fins, radiator guards, plastics graphics, ims tank, billet...
  6. Wanted
    i have an 09 yz125 looking for sm wheels, if theyre off a 4stroke lemme no cus ill do the research to see if they will fit, six three one 7o8 five two six 4, send me a text or leave me a message if i dont pick up thanks
  7. Wanted
    I need a set of forks (preferably with crowns) from a 2000 or newer YZ/WR 125, 250 426 450 etc... Right now, ones in decent shape seem to be going for around 200 on Fleabay with crowns. I would like to spend around $200, BUT I would spend up to a few hundred more if they are set up for...
  8. Wanted
    Im looking for a nice bike but i need to get rid of my 2007 400 ex. so anyone wanting to trade plus a little cash possibly can work something out. i have pictures of my bike if wanted, let me know. located in asheville NC. thanks
  9. Wanted
    I dont mind if no one has one for sale or anything, but does any one know of any good mics for the helmet for use during riding, me and my husband both have duals(he caught my addiction after i taught him) and we want to get mics to communicate and listen to our misic while on the longer rides...
  10. Wanted
    Looking for my first Supermoto! Cash in hand, ready to buy. -$2.5k-$3.5k range. -Street Legal -The closer to Buffalo, NY the better. -- Thanks. Best to contact via email, I don't check these boards often [email protected]
  11. Wanted
    Early next year (Jan-Feb) I plan to rebuild my 84 XL600 motor and swap in a freshly rebuilt tuned/ported carburetor but lack the space and tools. I'm looking for a good/reliable engine builder and or carb rebuilder/modder in the Riverside area to complete the job(s). Preferably with in a months...
  12. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    12 o'clock bar/wheelie bar hello im new here and looking for 12 o'clock bar/wheelie bar does anybody have 1 for my xt125x??? or can they post me/on the form an idiots guide to make 1 please thanks for your time
1-12 of 12 Results