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  1. -----xr650r frame, forks, triples, headlight and crf fenders----

    Bike Parts
    Offers welcome. [email protected] is the best way to contact me. Paypal or money orders are best. Located in NC 2000 xr650r frame with copy of certificate of origin. Good shape. Just a couple scratches but no bends or cracks. $275 +shipping OBO acerbis handguards (no hardware)...
  2. SXV trick triple clamps

    In case someone missed this at the AF1 forum, here is a heads up! Danny87, me and a few others are making a batch of tricked out race triples. They are based on the original clamp design (such as mount for speedo and ign lock), are 2 degrees steeper and 11, 14, 17mm adjustible offset. We need...