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  1. wr250r tire question????

    I just bought a 2012 wr250r and am new to riding on the street. I would like to put super moto tires on my R and was wondering if it was as simple as buying new wheels and tires or is there anything more I have to do to the bike.. thanks guys and sorry if I posted this in the wrong area...
  2. Mounting Your Own Tires

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I was wondering if anyone out there mounts their own tubes and tires? Is it the same process as mounting a dirt tube and tire? I was thinking of doing it myself since i have changed dirt tires before. Is there anything I need to be careful or watch out for? Thanks
  3. 2004 crf250x supermoto tire size

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    So I recently bought some warp 9 wheels for my crf250x. I am new to this and now need help figuring out what tire size. I'm most likely going with Michelin pilot powers or powers2ct. I was planning on a 120/70/17 in front and a 150/70/17 in back. I know some people run 160/70/17 in back but I...
  4. The difference between race tires and DOT tires

    Supermoto pics/vids
    can be seen here. snapped a few pics just to compare them for those who haven't seen them side by side. Michelin Pilot Intermediate slicks on the right, ContiRace Attack tires on the left. you can see the huge difference in profile and side contact patch on the Michelin vs. the Conti on both...
  5. Looking for 16.5 front tires or 17" front marchesini (discounted...or trade for 16.5)

    Looking for 16.5 front tires or 17" front marchesini (discounted...or trade for 16.5) If you got 16.5" front tires...looking to buy some. also looking to buy used 17" front marchesini's or trade for a 16.5 front thanks. [email protected]
  6. Supermoto Tires F/S-Bridgestone set and Maxxis Presa Rear

    Bike Parts
    I have a used set of Bridgestone Supermoto Tires and a new Rear Maxxis Presa for sale. The B/S set is 120/600R17 and a 165/625R17. Both are Medium Compound tires with very little kart track use on them. Asking $100 plus shipping for the set. The box will be 27"x27"x12" and I will use USPS...
  7. Yamaha WR250x complete supermoto wheels/tires

    Bike Parts
    These are stock Yamaha hubs (new never used) powder coated black, new Yamaha spokes powdercoated blue and black Excel Takasago wheels. The front has a Maxxis 120/60/17 rain tire mounted on a 3.50x17 rim. The rear has a Maxxis 165/50/17 rain tire mounted on a 4.25x17 rim. Both wheels and tires...
  8. WTB: 17" Dunlop slicks front and rear new or takeoffs

    The title pretty much says it all. I am looking for 17" Dunlop slicks, front and rear, that are pretty current. Got a set of Warp 9 wheels coming so I can try racing supermoto. I figure a decent set of takeoffs will be all I need to race once or twice to see if I want to dump a bunch of money...
  9. DRZ400SM Project/NEW RIDER

    Project Builds Showcase
    Just bought a 2009 DRZ 400 SM about two weeks ago and I love it. Put 600 miles on it already and im ready to start mods. Already ordered an sdg tall seat, +1 on the front sprocket, K&N filter and fender eliminator installed. Now it is time for exhaust, tires, jet kit, 3x3... Any suggestions...
  10. I need 10" used Dunlop TT91s or 92s fast!! I am having them shaved so worn out is OK

    I need 10" used Dunlop TT91s or 92s fast!! I am having them shaved so worn out is OK I need 10" used Dunlop TT91s or 92s fast!! I am having them shaved so worn out is OK. I am attempting a landspeed world record on my Crf50 and need some tires I can have shaved. I trust the TT91/92s so I would...
  11. how do i tell if new wheels will fit my bike?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    i have a 97 honda xr250 that is on its way to being a sumo but i want new wheels so i can get better street tires on it. how do i know if the wheel will fit on my bike? also, should i just get an 18 for the front to match the 18 in the rear, should i get a new set of 18s for the front and rear...
  12. dr350 sumo setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    just picked up a 99 dr350 and was wondering what the best way to setup a set of sumo tires and wheels would be. i just want something that i can ride a little more street based with. right now it has a set of dirt knobbies and we all know how well those handle on the pavement. i mean they work...
  13. KTM SM wheelset

    Bike Parts
    Barely used Warp 9 wheel set with low mile Avon Distanzia's. Black rims, orange hubs, brake rotors, 45t orange KTM sprocket, relocation bracket. Distanzia's maybe have 200 miles on them. Front 120/70R17 Rear 160/60R17. Came off a 2005 450 EXC. Not a scratch on them ready to bolt up. Over...
  14. 2007 Honda 450 R Supermoto For Sale or Trade $6800.00

    You are looking at my dream bike going up for sale. I picked this up from the Dealer and went home and took it completely apart. If you have ever seen a “Biker Build-off” episode, that is what this bike went through. Here is a list of hardware and mods done added or performed on the bike...
  15. Dunlop Supermoto slicks F/S

    Bike Parts
    Clearing out some racing stuff, posting them here before they go on eBay... Dunlop KR449 Supermoto rear slicks, 170/65-17, new, June/07 prod date, kept in dark/dry storage. These are the USA made supermoto specific rear slicks (i.e. softer carcass than the road racing slicks). They are...