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  1. My first Supermoto Wr450

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    Hi all, first time posting around here, looking for some tips! I'm from portugal (Sorry for my english i guess :lol:) I'm looking foward to get my first motorcycle this week, i live on Madeira island so Supermoto would be the best choice since it's all curvy and hills...I may do around 20miles...
  2. Parts List and tips for Converting WR450F to street tard

    Street Tarders
    Hey all, Im actually more of a quad guy, but moved to the city two years ago. In the two years I rode my quad(Honda 450) twice. I thus sold it. Being in the city there's obviously a LOT of traffic(Johannesburg South Africa) and I decided to get a bike for commuting(among other) purposes. I...