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  1. Aprilia Sxv 550 Build

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    Welp. I'm a college kid who bought an Sxv for dirt Cheap. with fresh new motor(sealant). I will post some pictures this weekend for yall. I would appreciate all tips and tricks even though i have researched a lot I would love to hear all info on what i should do for a proper hoonigan bike...
  2. Any Guys in Fort Collins Northern Colorado

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    Hey Guys, currently looking for a bike should have one in a few months but just curious if theres any groups around FoCo. Any SportBikes for twisties in the mountains? Looking for anyone to ride with. Im currently looking for an aprilia sxv 550. and by looking I mean saving money for one. Im a...
  3. SMXV wannabe called Penelope

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi guys, i'm in the process of building a motard from a Yamaha XTT 225cc engine. I have purchased various different parts to mix in together with the bike. I used a local chassis from the bike (in Indonesia it's called Yamaha Scorpio), and an SXV subframe. I bought the forks of a KLX 250S with...
  4. WTB: Front Wheel for Aprilia SXV

    Looking for a front wheel for Aprilia 2007 SXV. Please feel free to PM me or text 201-305-0496
  5. SMC 690 with SXV plastic. Who did this?

    Hello everyone, my name is Peter. Recently I decided to sell my 2010 Triumph Tiger 800 for a smc690 and now while waiting - I'm looking for all the stuff I need to order to make it ride and look just the way I want it to look like. Found this picture on Tumblr: Looks like Aprilla SXV fairings...
  6. MSF Course w/ SXV 5.5 ?

    Hi guys! So I bought an Aprilia SXV as my first bike and have been loving it since day one. I'm now at the point where I would like to get my graduated motorcycle license and would like to take the MSF Confident Riders course. However, I'm concerned that the 5.5 hours of riding will upset the...
  7. (Spokane, WA) 2007 Aprilia SXV450 Supermoto!

    2007 Aprilia SXV450 Supermoto. 3800 miles as of current (7/07/13) Black Case Sealant Clean Title Street Legal Clean PC'd Red Engine Covers Bike is located in Spokane, WA. I am asking $4,800. Contact me at (509)435-8765, or email at [email protected]
  8. 2008 Aprillia SXV550 - West Michigan (Grand Rapids)

    I am posting this ad as a favor for a friend, so if you have questions, please contact him at "[email protected]". 2008 Aprillia SXV 550 -Bought brand new spring 2012 from Fox Powersports in Kentwood, Michigan (original owner) -Has Factory Extended Warranty until 2016 (it is transferable)...
  9. Looking for a 2007 Aprilia SXV Connecting Rod (AP9150315)

    Hey Guys, Im new to this site but have been lurking for months hahaha. I am contemplating buying a 2007 SXV 550 with a blown motor. Basically all of the parts are in stock except this connecting rod PN: AP9150315. I have spoken to the guys at AF1 racing and they said they are on backorder with...
  10. SOLD 2009 Aprilia SXV 550 for SALE, SoCal $5750

    SOLD 85+ HP, v-twin 550cc -- fastest production supermoto on the market. Amazing bike with less than 1500 miles. Oil changed every 300-400 miles. All modifications done by Amauri Nunes. - less than 1500 miles - Acerbis handguards - Pirelli super corsa tires - full Akrapovic titanium...
  11. Sickest Aprilia Supermoto vid I could find

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  12. Filter housing leak Sxv 4.5

    I have an 07 Sxv 450. It has 1623 miles on it. I love the bike. I change the oil at or right about 200 miles. And the filter every other oil change. I run motorex 15-w50. Oil change before last oil stated to leak from the bottom of the housing. It is intact and no damage. O-ring for the filter...
  13. Chix's DIY Aprilia SXV 550 project

    Project Builds Showcase
    After owning a race car engine swap project for a few years I got used to working on stuff myself to save money. With my recent 2008 Aprilia SXV 550 addition I decided to put what I learned to work to make my SXV personalized and in good mechanical condition. Plans: -Paint/powdercoat chassis...
  14. Sxv oil consumption-advice please

    So I just got my SXV and don't know the bike well yet. I put about 100 miles on it today. Checked the oil this morn and it was just about to the "max" mark on the sight tube (I fully warmed it up and then shut the engine off before checking, which is proper I believe). Then I checked it again...
  15. Wtb - sxv 4.5 - northern new england

    CASH MONEY :thumbup: MUST BE RESEALED (or factory black) AND READY TO RIDE
  16. New member of Greece!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi guys.This forum is awesome has so many things to explore and to see other beautiful bikes!I also have supermotard bike Aprilia SXV 550 so i will post some pictures later because my camera no battery for now :D Oh and one question how do i change my profile foto?dont know how sorry...
  17. 1st issue - Bike died while riding

    Hey everyone! I'm seeking some advice, I'm thinking I might be able to do something myself, otherwise I need to wait till sunday to take it to the Dealer. I was riding on the highway doing around 170Kph 9000rpm or so (not constant, had to lower speed and accelerate due to traffic), at some...
  18. Disproving the myths

    Hey everyone, I like so many other people who don't know what an SXV is like I'm scared of getting one, Info on the bike is mostly bad when you look it up. I've heard the most important thing is actually not regarding the bike at all... and it's having a good dealer who knows how to take care...
  19. Anyone near Missoula, MT? anyone...anyone...bueller....

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    back in school at univ of montana with my sxv 550 and looking for someone to ride with. tracks, roads, sidewalks..anything really. lets ride before it gets too cold. -cam