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sxv 450
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  1. Bikes
    SOLD 85+ HP, v-twin 550cc -- fastest production supermoto on the market. Amazing bike with less than 1500 miles. Oil changed every 300-400 miles. All modifications done by Amauri Nunes. - less than 1500 miles - Acerbis handguards - Pirelli super corsa tires - full Akrapovic titanium...
  2. Aprilia
    I have an 07 Sxv 450. It has 1623 miles on it. I love the bike. I change the oil at or right about 200 miles. And the filter every other oil change. I run motorex 15-w50. Oil change before last oil stated to leak from the bottom of the housing. It is intact and no damage. O-ring for the filter...
1-2 of 2 Results