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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hay everyone. i just bouth a sxf 350 18' and i want to install 2009 smc 690 caliper on it. i faund a purte1 bracker and this is so expansive. i have a cnc that i can machine one for myself. its have someone here that he have this bracker or simier? its have another bracket at cheeper price...
  2. Project Builds Showcase
    How's it going, I'm new to this website and not too experienced with setting bikes up for the road. Does anybody know a good website where I can find supermoto fenders, lights, wheels, or anything that would fit this bike? I tried eBay but I couldn't really find what I needed. Any help would be...
  3. Project Builds Showcase
    What's going on! First time on the website, good shit on here for sure! Figured I'd share my build. I run a small shop in Northeastern Massachusetts and we're buried in snow but with all the bikes I've owned and serviced I've always wanted a Supermoto.....I'm a pretty anal bastard so naturally...
1-3 of 3 Results