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  1. im looking for a ktm dev tech suter rfs swing arm for a 2005 smr

    Hi everyone my name is joey and i have been looking for a dev tech swing arm for a ktm smr 525 2005 rfs for a while now i am hoping that someone will have one somewhere that they want to sell i am in NYC USA if any one knows of one for sale please let me know i would be very thankful....
  2. 130/30/16 On a Stock XR Rear Wheel?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Anybody know if you can fit a 130/90/16 on a Stock XR100 Rear Wheel year '02? Eyeing the shinko 712 tires and I know people put 120's on the rear but seeing if I can squeeze a 130 with little modification. Rebuilding an '02 XR100 into a better looking street jack around bike. ***Ignore Title...
  3. Longest stock dirtbike swingarm

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Sorry guys, I got a question which's been bugging me for ages. Since I don't physically have direct access to stock dirtbike swingarms, does anybody know what model/manufacturer bike has the longest stock swingarm? I've always thought it was the drz400 but then again, I only judge by the...
  4. Suter Swingarms and Clutches

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    Over the years we've been asked over and over again about the Suter swingarms and clutches, for those riders looking for the widest possible rim/tire combo they can hav. Starting in January we will be importing them and making these products available to US customers and our international...
  5. PPR setting vapor on DRZ400? Also tire sizes????????

    Just threw a vapor computer on the drz and have a question which no one seems to answer for a drz. So some people say it sparks every other stroke, on the power stroke, therefor being .5 sparks per revolution. While others say it sparks every stroke, having a wasted spark, therefor being 1...
  6. Swingarm bearing size?

    Was wondering about the inter-changably of the swingarm pivot bearings for different models? I've been looking at part numbers online most of the day and some say the drz sm/e/s all take the same kit, others they aren't the same, and a few say the RM125-250 from 96-03 are the same as the drzsm...
  7. XT350 swingarm swap

    Does anyone know if an XT350 swingarm can be swapped out with one of the YZ or WR variety? I have an '86 sitting around collecting dust and I was wondering if it can be done so I can get one of those Motostrano kits fitted with disc brakes and all.