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  1. New to Supermoto would like to learn as much as I can

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    What's going on Fellas? My names Moe from NYC. I'm a proud owner of a 2014 KTM 500 EXC. Currently working on converting the bike over to a beast A$$ Supermoto. I've previously owned a 2008 CBR 600RR which I totaled last November when I took a lean at high speeds and lost the front due to...
  2. Husky FS 450 on road???

    Hey guys, new to these forums but a long time supermoto fan and rider. Has anyone heard of or knows of anyone riding a new FS 450 street legal as my local dealer (in the UAE) has told me he can get them in ready to road ride but I was wondering if this one is just too race tuned to be street...
  3. KTM CR500 supermoto hybrid

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello there, im new to the forum so i would like to show my KTM/CR500 hybrid project. Im from Finland and my english isnt best but ill try my best so you could understand even something.:lol: Its originally street legal 250EXC, with both enduro and supermoto setup. Heres few pics of it...
  4. New Supermoto Shirts

    Street Tarders
    The supermoto shirts that I designed a couple years ago, are now available on Etsy and ships worldwide. Check 'em out! Retro design: Back-it-in Coke design...
  5. 2009 street legal Ktm450sx-f supermoto build.

    Project Builds Showcase
    How's it going, I'm new to this website and not too experienced with setting bikes up for the road. Does anybody know a good website where I can find supermoto fenders, lights, wheels, or anything that would fit this bike? I tried eBay but I couldn't really find what I needed. Any help would be...
  6. Husqvarna SMR 450 vs Ducati Hypermotard 821

    What would you consider a true supermoto for the track, and what would be your primary bike between the two?
  7. Husqvarna Supermotos in movies and TV Shows

    Post here movies or TV shows that are using Husqvarna Supermotos (with photos/videos if possible). Arrow is definitely a fan of Husqvarna and Ducati motorcycles: Arrow S01 E15 - Husqvarna SMR 450/510 2008 @ min 0:46; Husqvarna SMR 450/510 2007 @ min 0:48 Arrow S03 E02 - Husqvarna SMR 450/510...
  8. Oahu supermoto riders!!!

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
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  9. Custom Color Supermoto wheels

    We do the full range of colors for most wheel brands: Warp 9, Excel, DNA. Warp 9 allows full color edits. DNA too. For excel we can do Hub, Spoke and Nip.
  10. Excel Talon Supermoto Wheels - The Best In The West

    These wheels came out great. The blue sky and orange back ground are reflecting off the gloss to make an interesting color.
  11. Beringer Supermoto Brakes

    A recent package. Beautiful green in time for St Patty's Day.
  12. Ktm 350

    Project Builds Showcase
    Just ordered my supermoto kit from Motostrano.
  13. Used 2013 drz400sm questions

    Street Tarders
    Hi, I am new to this forum and I am also wanting to get into riding. I am looking into getting a 2013 DRZ400sm locally that has a rebuilt/ salvage title with 1k miles and they are asking 5400$. I want to know if that is a fair price and what I should look for if I go check it out. The owner says...
  14. Faiallo pass / honda xr 650 sm

    Supermoto pics/vids
  15. 2014 KTM 350 EXC-F Supermoto Setup?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto Would this kit work on my bike?
  16. Questions on 08 Aprilia sxv 550

    Hey everyone, New to the forums but long time lurker ahaha.. So, I've read quite a bit on the 550 had a few questions for some people who own/had one. The bikes an 08 with 6,500 km on it which is around 4,000 miles. Buddy is asking $6,500 but its been up for a few months seems quite high...
  17. Questions on 08 Aprilia sxv 550

    General Mini Chat
    Posted in wrong spot sorry!
  18. Bridgestone Supermoto Slicks

    Site Sponsor Sales
    Bridgestone Supermoto Slicks are now available for online ordering on our web site or you may phone us Monday to Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM, Pacific Standard Time. We got slicks. PERFORMANCE NOTES: MCRR4399 165/625R17...
  19. SUPERMOTO/KTM PARTS - No Longer Available

    Bike Parts
    SUPERMOTO/KTM PARTS Please contact me at [email protected] 4 piston Beringer Front brake caliper $300 KTM factory air filter kit (includes 2 filters) $150 2007-2010 #sxs.08.450.200 Rear brake reservoir extender $25 fits 04-15 ktm sx/exc/smr part #548.13.960.050 KTM step up seat...
  20. looking for an 450 smr slip on.

    Looking for a 450smr aftermarket slip on. Bike is a 2005. Please message me