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  1. Another (2011) CRF450R Supermoto build!

    Project Builds Showcase
    Whats going on everyone? I recently decided to get rid of my DRZ400SM and build something with a little more balls! I picked up a 2011 CRF450R up for pretty good price and decided to make it street legal and set it up for supermoto track! Here is what she looked like when I first got her...
  2. GP3R championship AMA 6 to 14 August 2016

    Supermoto Quebec
    Le Grand Prix de Trois-Rivières (GP3R) a annoncé jeudi la venue du Championnat AMA Supermoto lors du prochain événement de courses automobiles qui aura lieu du 6 au 14 août prochain. The Grand-Prix of Trois-Rivières (GP3R) is proud to annonce on last Thursday incoming Championship AMA Supermoto...
  3. Rear brake quit!?

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hi, I've recently got a 2013 wr450 I'm converting and I had a question about my rear brake. I recently installed the Baja designs brake switch and bled the breaks. They were working fine. Then yesterday I was getting my friend to hold a lot of pressure on the brake so I could remove my front...
  4. BikeCrew from Latvia

    Supermoto pics/vids this is my new channel, riding with supermoto and enduro bikes:bannana: Drop a like and subscribe, if you like it, i make more videos:thumbup:
  5. 2006 klx250s Help

    Hey all! So I recently found a 2006 KLX250S that I am going to purchase and I was wondering if anyone has any recommendations for parts to convert it to supermoto? I was looking at a set of wheels and tires from motostrano (http://www.motostran.../kit-w9tire.htm), but it seems that this...
  6. Supermotarded Hillclimbs Crashes Barbie Sexjuice!!!

    Supermoto pics/vids
    From the first bi annual River Valley Tard Rally: Thanks for watching!
  7. Xr650r rebirth

    Project Builds Showcase
    Gonna need your guys help on this one. About two weeks ago I was riding home late at night and woke up in the hospital. The Doc informed me I was in an accident and had a broken jaw, right ulna, and thumb. Officers later told me it was a hit and run, that the guy ran the light, and my short...
  8. KTM 450 EXC A Good Commuter/All Around Supermoto? VS DRZ400S?

    Hello everyone, I am in the market for my very first supermoto. I will be using this bike for a 30 mile commute everyday, 10 of those miles being highway. I will also be using this bike to have fun on the weekends, I live in the mountains so there are tons of twisties where I live. I won't be...
  9. North East Kansas Stunters?

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    New to this forum, old to motorcycles. Been riding for 15+ years and I just bought a Wr450, looking for some guys to ride with up here. All I can find is goons on cruisers and 1k's. I'm located in Manhattan Kansas
  10. Need Help On Buying My First Supermoto!

    Hello everyone, I recently passed my MSF course and got my permit and I am now ready to buy my first motorcycle. I have been wanting a motorcycle for years now and its finally my time to get one. For those past years I have been changing my mind on what type of bike I would buy. First It was a...
  11. Buying My First DRZ, PLEASE HELP!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the forum and I need help with buying a DRZ. I have been searching around for awhile and I came across a really nice looking DRZ. It has been completely rebuilt and looks very well taken care of. Because this is my first time buying a motorcycle I am kinda scared...
  12. WTB Yamaha wr250x in Houston TX

    Like the title says, looking to buy a wr250x in or around the Houston area! Mileage wise preferably looking for anything under 8-9k miles, any year 250x is fine just as long as it's in good shape. Please pm if you have one for sale, and thanks for looking!
  13. Husqvarna TE125 2015 supermoto front fender conversion

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello. I come from Norway and i am new to this forum. I recently bought a supermotard front fender, a Husky FS450 front fender. This is a supermoto bike. This front fender does not fit in with the headlight or the clamp. I was wondering if someone knew where i could buy an adapter or a bracket...
  14. TyTyTheWheelieGuy - VLOG noob. Advice?

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Guys I am giving the vlog thing a try. Here is my first attempt. I would appreciate some feedback from you fine folks. Any feedback is appreciated. I would also like to ride with as many great folks as possible so I will update this thread as I travel around and can meet up with the SMJ family.
  15. 2014 KTM 500 EXC SuperMoto !

    Project Builds Showcase
    This is my 2014 KTM 500 EXC Supermoto Conversion : So far : Alpina Rims Akrapovic Slip on 525 fork Guards Orange Samco Hoses (Engine Ice) Bullet Proof Design Billet Radiator Cover KTM Gas tank cap vent Custom Rear Taillight GPR Stabalizer Heidenau K73 Super Rain front tire (Lovely...
  16. 2015 USA supermoto meat. INSANE!!!

    Supermoto pics/vids
  17. tallahassee fl riders?

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    new guy here looking to find some sumos dual sports enuros whatever in tallahassee to ride with let me know boys and girls
  18. Ktm 350 ;)

    Supermoto pics/vids
  19. I need 14"or16" supermoto wheels

    General Mini Chat
    anyone know where I can find these size wheels for a ktm sx 65?
  20. Kids Racing Gloves - GIMOTO

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    GIMOTO Kids Road Race Gloves. Size 5 or size 8. Just one of each size in stock. These are the gloves to get if your kid is a racer or wants to be a racer. Perfect fit. Pro level protection in a kids size glove.