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    You'll see them here, while supplies last only:
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    we have some price reductions on alpinestars close-out jackets that are going fast: $200 for a leather jacket from the leading brand in motorcycle apparel ain't bad. joe
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    anyone got a set of DNA supermoto rims? if so how good are they? any problems? ebay has them for $700 with hubs brand new...not bad but you get what you pay for...want them for a set of rains. thanks Ross
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    ok, I purchased the kit that warp 9 has for sale for the honda crf450's.. nothing but headaches fellas.. turns out I was the first guy to order the warp9 set ( front and rear warp9 wheels,hubs,oversized front rotor,rear rotor,sprocket, front caliper relocator bracket) ok were do I start...
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    Reminder and re-post that all Supermotojunkie members are entitled to 5% off any purchase on our web site, Do the math: buying a set of wheels, leathers, brakes, whatever, can hook you up with a free dinner at a fine restaurant with a fine babe on the other side of the table...