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  1. Honda CRF150r - Supermoto Wheels

    Mini Pics and Vids.
    I am looking to build my CRF150r, I was wondering if anyone could help me in locating some spoke or mag wheels for the bike. Thanks in advance
  2. DrzCaliSM

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Traded in my 2016 R6 for a 2017 drz400sm. I love this fucking bike. just put in a delkevic full system and I'm roaring dude. Still learning about this bike and more mods to come. I do a lot of highway riding and I don't wanna be screaming at 80-85.
  3. HELP do not know what is wrong.

    Hello all, So I built a 2011 kx450f supermoto and cannot figure out what is wrong with my bike. At a cruise in 4th gear it feels like my bike pulls back for a second and then will do it again at the same speed. It does not seem to lose any rpms, engine sounds fine. I was thinking maybe...
  4. Need for tube for 06 400 EXC (48mm)

    I looped and put a hole through my upper left fork tube. I either need to replace the tube and have the fork rebuilt or buy a new fork/forks for the right price. Help me out please. I'm located in north East Florida.
  5. Little Run Up NC80 "The Devils Whip" On My WR250X

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Just a run up NC80 on my 2011 WR250X, I try to respect the housing areas. The whole road is awesome but the best part is the last 4-5 minutes.
  6. Cliche question, but which supermoto should I buy?

    Hello all I am looking into buying a supermoto, but I have the same problem with alot of people and that is im unsure on what to go for. Ive seen alot of threads with people asking the same question except everyone ive come across is asking about them as a daily commuter. I however get a car...
  7. WR250x problems?

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I bought a used WR250x with 4900 miles on it. Just changed the oil @ 5050. The drain plug is magnetic and there was a pee sized amount of metal flakes on the drain plug. Is this normal? Also I'm not sure if the engine is making a noise or if it's just rattle from the skid plate. I'll make a...
  8. WR250X Problems?

    General Mini Chat
    I bought a used WR250x with 4900 miles on it. Just changed the oil @ 5050. The drain plug is magnetic and there was a pee sized amount of metal flakes on the drain plug. Is this normal? Also I'm not sure if the engine is making a noise or if it's just rattle from the skid plate. I'll make a...
  9. Need Tire Selection Help for 17" wheels on KTM 450EXC

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi All, I am looking for tire selection help. I have a set of 17" supermoto rims that I want to use with my 2005 KTM 450 EXC. The back rim is 4.25" and the front rim is 3.5" wide. I want to put use Kenda K270s I was thinking about putting the Kenda K270 510-17 (5.1") on the back and a...
  10. Supermoto Racing @ NHMS June 17

    Northeast / Mid Atlantic Forum
    We will be running a true supermoto during bike week this year in New Hampshire. Here is the important info: Supermoto will run as a part of the Loudon Classic race weekend. For the first time ever, the race will run in the S3 lot on...
  11. NEWBIE HELP With Gear/Bike Choice.

    Hello & thanks for stopping by, I want to get a supermoto type bike & what I have found that I like is the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto & the Ducati Hypermotard 939 type bikes because I want to ride on the street probably 100% of the time. I want to be able to ride the bike daily & put many miles on...
  12. 2017 Race Season Fast Approaching for Ohio Mini Roadracing League

    Mini Racing and Events. Good overview video: 2017 Schedule Round 1 CRP (CCW) 04/22/17 Round 2 CRP (CW) 05/06/17 – 05/07/17 Round 3 CRP (CCW) 06/03/17 Round 4 PIRC Wilson Circuit (CCW) 06/17/17 –...
  13. North carolina

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    Looking for Supermoto riders located in or around North Carolina! We ride mostly around the Fort Bragg area. We've had rides going North to Raleigh, West to the mountains and East to ocean. If anyone is interested, I'm trying to build up a good community of Supermoto riders around here, Thank...
  14. Ktm450exc suspension setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Whats up, I just put my new DNA supermoto wheels on my 2003 450exc and i was wondering how I should set up my rear suspension sag for the street. anyone know static sag or race sag settings in millimeters that would be best for supermoto? I know everything has to be stiffer compared to dirt set...
  15. buying a 2010 rmx450z supermoto

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I am buying a 2010 rmx450z supermoto soon and i was just want to know if there are common issues with these bikes. Also if there is anything that i should look for that would make it not worth buying.
  16. Introducing my 14' WR450 street tard' & my supermoto Youtube channel!

    Supermoto pics/vids
    Hi all, I'd like to introduce myself and my YouTube channel! I'm 27 years old from Melbourne, Australia and love supermoto & cars; I recently converted my brand new 2014 WR450 to a street supermoto and attend a fair few track days with it :D Some parts on it include warp 9 rims, dunlop alpha 13...
  17. supermoto hub question please help me out

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Got rid of rims. Would delete this but doesnt look like i can.
  18. Holiday sale!!!

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    What up Junkies? Need last minute gift ideas? From now until the end of the year use coupon code HOLIDAY for 10% off your total order. Happy holidays and thanks for all the support.
  19. Marchesini Honda Supermoto Wheel SALE

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    WOW - just in time for the shady spot under your big Christmas Tree this year- these racing breed Marchesini Honda Supermoto Wheels are ready to ship and on sale now. only ONE set in stock at...
  20. Help registering my DRZ400

    Ok, I have a question. I live in Kansas where out of state vehicles have to have the VIN inspected before they can be registered. I recently bought a Suzuki DRZ400 that was previously registered in Oklahoma which I know is street legal since DRZ400 from the factory have all the needed...