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  1. Supermoto Conversion Kits

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    We get asked a lot- what is the best kit for my xxx. Our top selling supermoto conversion kit by a long shot is our Bare Bones Kit ( It works for most model bikes you'd want t o convert except the most extreme and...
  2. Motard wheels for YZF, YZ, WR yamaha $750 avon distanzia, sumo supermoto

    Bike Parts
    up for sale is the wheel set off of my '06 WR450F. $750 Falling Waters, WV I sold it with the dirt setup and still have the motard setup. No rear tire! had to put it on my strom.... The wheels are Warp 9, they have tubes, and are balanced. Have Avon Distanzia tires, with 750 miles on...
  3. Yamaha TTR 90 Supermoto Wheel Set $100

    Mini Classifieds
    I have a set of stock wheels from a 2002 TTR 90 mounted with kart track ready rubber. The rear wheel is the stock 12" with Pirelli SL26 120/70-12 tire mounted. The front is the stock 14" with an IRC NR77 70/90-14 tire mounted. The tires were used one day at a kart track by my then 10 y/o...
  4. trying to SM a 98 KTM 620rxc

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    yo, was wondering people's thoughts on the supermoto kits motostrano offers. also if there was anything else to know before spending lots of dough! heres a pic of what it is now...