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  1. zx600 wheels on a kx450f

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi all I am new to this site and I have a few questions regarding what wheels can fit on certain bikes. Right now my main bike is a 2009 Kawasaki kx450f w/ efi. lately I've been considering putting some supermoto wheels on it, after trolling the local c-list I came across a set of '94 zx600e...
  2. Supermoto conversion help!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Im going to be getting a 2012 CRF450X (bone stock) and I want to make it street legal and convert to supermoto. I live in Georgia and you are required to have: atleast one mirror, turn signals, tail light, headlight. Im looking for the cheapest way to convert and also any info on getting a tag...
  3. conversion vs buying supermoto

    Street Tarders
    So I've been into supermotos for a while now but I'm not sure if I should convert something over, like a crf450r or crf450x, or if I should just buy something like a drz400. Time is not an issue for I have about a year and a half before I can get my license. I have about $3200 at the moment to...
  4. 2014 ktm 690 enduro r smc conversion front wheel issue

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, My brother and I recently purchased two KTM 690 enduros with the idea of converting them into supermotos. along with the bikes we purchased 690 sm wheels from our ktm dealer with a 160 rear and 120 front pilot road 3 tire. we were able to get the rear wheel on with no problems...
  5. new guy going to build xr650 supermoto, needs advice

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello new to the supermoto world. I usually do custom bikes and own a business painting motorcycles. Ive always wanted a super moto and finally bought xr650l. Looking for advice and parts. What kind of upgrades should I do? Already has smog removed and czr exhaust. Looking for advice on other...
  6. Te511 supermoto rear tire

    Street Tarders
    Hi, This is my first post in her...:anim_peep: What is the widest tire that will fit the rear rim on my Te511 2011? Rim 17x5 Warp 9. Many use 160 but is it not possible to mount a wider tire?
  7. 2011 kx 250f

    Hey guys, Okay guys, the bike is a 2011 KX 250F, and the quad is a 2010 KFX 450R. I can let them go at $4000.00 a piece or a package deal at $7000.00 for both. There is absolutely no room for negotiations due to both bikes are financed, but if you take the package deal I will take the hit with...
  8. New guy wanting to do a conversation...

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I have a 2011 kx 250f that i want to convert over. Could anyone tell me what all parts i need and where to get them. I have no idea about any of it, tire & wheel sizes, brakes, etc. Totally green here, lol. Thanks in advance for any information.
  9. '84 xr350r supermoto build

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi all, I'm a newbie to this site however I thought I'd share my Supermoto build with you all. I recently pulled my old '84 model XR350R that I used to ride during my teens out of a shed at my Dad's and have decided to 'tard it. The bike is in good original condition, however it has been...
  10. CA Plated 1997 RMX 250 2-Smoker SuperMoto Conversion - In Progress

    Project Builds Showcase
    Thought I would post a thread about the supermoto conversion I am working on. I picked up a '97 RMX that was plated in California before all the emission standards were passed in/or around 2001 - meaning this bike is basically grandfathered into a plate. Because of this, the chances of it...
  11. 2001 wr426 supermoto

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hi there i am in the process of buying new wheels for my 2001 wr426 and was just wondering if anybody knows if 17x5 inch wheels would fit on the rear or should i just stick to the 17x4.25 inch????? cheers
  12. Hi, awesome site here. Very new to SUMO. Long replies welcome, need opinions!!!!!!!!!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hi everyone, I'm looking to get a street legal supermoto. I will be riding about 90% on pavement and maybe a little on some packed dirtroads. I almost want something I can just buy and throttledown but then again, I am somewhat mechanically inclined so I am not ruling out dirtbike to SUMO...