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  1. Supermoto Boots, SIDI, Alpinestars

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    Our basic competitive deal on both the Alpinestars Tech 7 Supermoto and the SIDI SRS Crossfire supermoto is that we'll beat any advertised price on these boots, including any shipping or warranty deals and we'll throw in a set of SM soles (for SIDI) and spare sliders for Alpinestars. To get this...
  2. Tech 7 Supermoto Boot sliders in stock

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    We have these in stock. Offering free shipping on them for SMJ members. Freshen up those SM Tech 7 boots today!
  3. Gaerne Supermoto boots.

    size 11 usa, 46 euro. barely used, rather wear my RR boots. there is a burnt area on the right boot from my exhaust because i used em like RR boots, way too big to do that. they have replaceable heal and toe sliders, also barely used.. the cheapest place i found em are $329 brand new. $270 and...