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  1. What supermoto should i get?

    Hi guys. New around here. So i’ve been riding a 125cc “supermoto” and although i can say it is a good bike , it really isn’t a real supermoto. Next spring i am looking to upgrade and i really don’t know what i should be looking at, as i will use it as a daily commuter and don’t really like the...
  2. 2015 drz 400sm

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  3. Husky Help

    Street Tarders
    Looking into a '07 sm610 with about 7k on it. Wondering what price that should be going for and what I should be warned about. Don't know much about Husky's but have had ktm in the past. Just hoping y'all could shed some light on that model of bike for me.
  4. How to covert to supermoto

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I have a 2014 KTM 350 EXC-F and I need help on what parts I need to covert to supermoto.
  5. New obsession! Need Advice from the Riders!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey, names Kcim and I've been looking to get a supermoto or enduro for the past month and have been on the undying hunt for some good information. Seems to me that this site is the best out there in retrieving the exact information i need. :thumbup: Too be specific, I have come to the...
  6. New to the supermoto world 06 husky sm610 almost 5000 miles

    Street Tarders
    Hello every1 im new 2 the supermoto world and i have a 06 husky sm 610:thumbup:... i have been on it 4 a whole year now and was just wondering if i can get some help on diff things i can do with the bike 2 make it my own... i already know about the leo vince exaust...:headscrat thats about it...
  7. 690 or 950?

    Street Tarders
    Hey Junkies, could use your guidance. Mostly ride street/canyons, occasional slog to work (45 minutes), occassional track day. Started with a 625 SMC Ilot of fun, lot of vibes) traded it for a 530exc with street tires (ridiculous fun, scared of the maintenance)..sold and got a Husky SM610...