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  1. Suzuki
    Hello everyone, I have a 2006 DRZ400SM. I have had the bike for about 3 months now and have started to dive into doing maintenance and mods. The bike has 9k miles on it and probably does not need all of this service but I want to do it anyway just to learn about my bike, and also just for the...
  2. Suzuki
    Hello, Last week I purchased my first motorcycle. It's a 2006 DRZ400SM. Last night I decided I wanted to do a bunch of maintenance just so I would feel safer on the bike and to get know my bike a bit better. The maintenance I was wanting to do included: oil change, coolant change, brake fluid...
  3. Suzuki
    Hello everyone, I am in market for a DRZ400SM. I found this very clean one with all the performance mods done to it; big bore, 3x3, jetted, etc. I called the guy up and talked with him for a bit and asked him a bunch of questions. The guy is a hoonigan. He says the reason he is selling it is...
  4. Supermoto pics/vids
    New group started in Daytona Beach Fl! Check out , New videos every week!
  5. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi everyone, ive got a 2004 gas gas fse450 and something strange happened. I took it down to the garage and notice it idling slightly higher than usual, when i put it on its side stand and it wanted to move gently backward. I thought i'd better take it home (200m away) but shorty after taking...
  6. Bikes
    05 Husaberg FS 650 E Supermoto Excellent condition, Low mileage and ready to ride! Original owner, 2500 miles/59 hours, Lots of goodies- Akro exhaust, STM slipper clutch, Scotts Performance steering stabilizer, Taffy's Valve springs, KTM Cooling Fan Kit, New Yuasa Battery, 2008 Black body work...
  7. Supermoto pics/vids
    Hey guys, I bought this bike used for 4200$ Canadian, what do you guys think? Also my first motorcycle :D :bannana:
  8. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys and girls, the other day I was gonna go pick up my WR250X, but with the freight and assembly it was like 9000$. So I tought of it and I decided I was gonna go used for my first bike, I can get either a 09 WR250R with over 1000$ in upgrades for 5g, or a 09 stock WR250X for 4.9g, so I was...
  9. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hi, my name in real life is Samuel, I live in New-Brunswick, Canada. This is my first motorcycle ever, because I am 16 and I was really interessted in the SM's and got a good deal :bannana: Well, I hope to meet some friends here and get some help and tips from riding to bike mods. Cheers :D
1-9 of 9 Results