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  1. Husqvarna 701 2020

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Looking for the best performance setup of exhaust intake and should i do PCV or a Coober ecu
  2. buying a 2010 rmx450z supermoto

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I am buying a 2010 rmx450z supermoto soon and i was just want to know if there are common issues with these bikes. Also if there is anything that i should look for that would make it not worth buying.
  3. 2010 Husqvarna 510 smr 6th gear gone

    I purchased a 2010 510 smr about a month ago with 4500 miles. Put less then 30 miles on it running around town and heard a loud noise in 6th gear which sounded like chain slap. The noise only occurred when I got on throttle in 6th gear. I thought maybe it was just chain slap since the chain...
  4. Mini sumo build from the ground up

    Mini Pics and Vids.
    We recently decided we needed to build up a track designated mini that my wife could go out and have fun on. I had this sitting around, it sucked. 70cc ACME Chinese pitbike. Ordered 12's with rubber off Ebay, just over $200. Theyre the same set that Tbolt sells. It became evident that...
  5. New Guy From Canada!!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys! New guy from Sask, Canada!!! I've always owned a bike, just never a SM, so my wife bought me a 2006 DRZ400sm. Full Yoshi exhaust (which seems far more common than a stock exhaust). The seller also gave me a FCR carb kit (looks to be about 3 quarters built as its used). He also gave me...
  6. Xr250r Street legal

    Street Tarders
    So found the problems to the motor which were the piston rings, gaskets, and valve seals. (Maybe all of them or just a couple) Ordered the parts from bike bandit and they are on their way! Hopefully the parts aren't on back order, unfortunately the site does not say........ I'm dying to ride...
  7. xr250 First bike problems!!

    Street Tarders
    So after much debating and questioning I've come to the conclusion to save my money and go ahead with a "project" bike of sorts. I realized I would just be jumping too ahead with a Ktm690 and or 610sm so I decided on waiting, saving, and learning on this 1986 (oldish I know) xr250r that I picked...
  8. Stuck! What do i choose?

    Street Tarders
    Been in the market for a supermoto recently and have been pretty obsessed with them.......but recently I have kinda fallen off this "liking". I am now interest in getting a street bike now, though am still on the balancing beam between both. Can someone just please give me some pros and cons on...
  9. Ktm 690sm Help Please! Opinions and Advice!

    Street Tarders
    New to this supermoto scene but 100% into it. Looking to get a bike soon! Have a couple in mind that were posted in my last post, but for now I just want some pros/cons,reviews, and info from some 07 or newer KTM690sm owners or anything remotely close to that. People say the bike is ugly, but I...
  10. 1980-81 rm80 sm build

    General Mini Chat
    Hi i bought a rm80 that was in bad shape for 130$ and i rode it dirt for one year and im finally over the winter im gonna buildit into a super moto and i need to know whether i should leave the rims and just buy tire or buy tires and rims it got the classic swing arm a spring one on each side...
  11. 2008 Honda CRF 230L - Street Legal - $2400 - Virginia Beach, VA

    2008 Honda CRF 230L Street Legal located in Virginia Beach, VA. 2200 miles, all stock, registered and titled in VA and inspected 9/12. 1 owner and bike was never ridden in mud and only ridden off road once. Bike is in great condition, with no scratches and all plastic looks good. $2400. I have a...
  12. Having a clutch issue =[

    I own a 2007 drz400sm and as of lately probably the last 3 months I've been having an issue with my clutch. When I go to start the bike and I pull in the clutch then press the ignite button it doesn't always start. I don't know what to think of it at first, so I pulled the clutch in again and...
  13. WTB a Supermoto around SC

    I'm looking for a Husqvarna or KTM if possible but would settle for about anything at this point. I'm wanting to spend around $4,000 and wouldn't mind driving a couple hours from Greenville. Any help would be appreciated. Riley
  14. 2009 Kawasaki KX450F SuperMoto For Sale

    2009 Kawasaki KX450F SuperMoto Multiple Championship Winning Bike!! STM Slipper Clutch TriStar 6mm Triple Clamps Power Commander V FMF MegaBomb Exhaust Braking Radial Master Cylinder Braking Rotor Braking Caliper DNA Wheels (black on black) GMD Computrack Suspension and Setup Fresh SRE Motor...
  15. 2008 WR250X $3650 -> Westerly, RI

    SOLD!!!!! 2008 WR250X 10,XXX miles. Bike is in great shape, never dropped or ridden in the woods. Oil was changed every 3k miles, always garaged never beaten on. Mods include: -Power Commander Fuel Programmer -Zeta billet hand guards with LED blinkers -Zeta Billet Levers -Edge tail light and...
  16. DRZ SM "Supermoto Afternoon" GoPro Video

    Supermoto pics/vids
    I am new here, looks awesome so far! Santa (my wife) brought me a GoPro Hero2 for Christmas. Watch as I nerd out in this video having a good ol time with the GoPro. My first edit. Cheers!
  17. Wanted: Husky TE510 SM conversion kit...

    I'm looking to find a set of wheels w/ tires, gearing, chain, 320 front rotor (optional), and rotor spacer for a TE510. Contact me at brystarks at google dot com. Thanks!!!
  18. N/a

  19. 2000 Vor / Vertemati Super Moto 503cc - Street Legal - Calif Plated - in Las Vegas

    2000 Vor / Vertemati Super Moto 503cc 4 stroke single Italian Stallion Monster Power & Torque Better than NEW Low hours Rare Special Edition Super Moto Race Bike Street Legal California Titled & Plated "Parts & Service ARE AVAILABLE!" 17" Wheels "NEW" Metzler Tires Top of the line...
  20. *** 2008 Kawasaki KLX450R Dual Sport, Like New, Only 140 Miles *** Imperial Missouri

    I bought this 2008 Kawasaki KLX450R brand new last summer. I rode it for 120 miles and then I added a Baja Design Dual Sport kit, mirrors, Moose Bark Busters and a Vector Trail Tech computer. I also have a brand new set of Kendra street legal tires with heavy duty inner tubes that comes with it...