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  1. stator output question

    Street Tarders
    I have a 2005 CRF450X. I'm wanting to go to LED lighting to improve visibility. My questions are: What is the stock output? If I disconnect the stock headlight, is the ac power used for it converted to dc? What are my options without upgrading the stator? I would prefer to be able to run...
  2. Yamaha 450f 2004 Lights not working engine won't run anymore

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey, Had a great day of riding today, but ended with a bit of an annoying ending... So a few days ago my lights stopped working, i figured it was the buld or some faulty wiring or something of that nature. but don't think so anymore, when i came out to start it this morning. the Eletric start...
  3. Wtb: 2000 yamaha wr400 stator

    Well... pulled a newb move while trying to remove flywheel with puller....ran bolts right up on stator windings. So if any has one that is good please give me a holler. Thanks.
  4. Honda Supermoto Complete Build Kit, Rochester Minnesota

    Bike Parts
    I just recently converted my 2006 CRF250R to a street legal supermoto. It is awesome around town, however it sucks for cruising. I was contemplating doing a 450 or 450x, however I ended up buying a WR250X instead (Awesome bike). I spent close to $2500 doing the conversion and put less than 50...
  5. Battery only set up

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I have searched every which way for this topic and cant find any threads pertaining to battery only set ups. I want to get my YZ450f track bike plated for the street. I am going to get a kit (pro cycle,trick, baja designs etc) and run it off a battery only probably tucked in the air box. I...
  6. 2007 smr510 problems

    i have a 2007 smr510 that i had put a battery in backwards for a split second after that the lights would not shutoff after the engine would be turned off. i rode it twice after re-installing a new battery and while on the highway the engine died and would not turn over dew to the battery being...
  7. wr400f flywheel and stator HELP

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    I am in the process of bringing an '00 Wr400 back to life. I am now in the electrical phase and discovered that the previous owner has damaged the stator and used the wrong type of flywheel puller because there are marks from puller arms on the back of the fly wheel. My question is how much...
  8. Stator for crf

    Street Tarders
    Probably a million of these threads, sorry. I have most parts needed, I think I just need the regulator and the stator itself. What size do I get, 70w, 90w, 100w? I need it cheap where do you guys get yours?
  9. 06 YZ450f stator blown

    Street Tarders
    My stator went on my bike. I bought it a little less than a year ago I believe the guy who had it before me put an electro sport stator in it. I did some research and ended up going with a stator from electrex world ltd a company from the UK. I probably should have done this before I went and...
  10. Drz 400sm stator problems

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, i have a couple quick questions about the stators in these bikes, recently i had to purchase a new battery because mine was old and completely died, i used to have to charge it all the time. After i bought the new battery and installed it, jsut after 2 days it was completely dead ( i...
  11. Bike killing battery, won't stay running at low RPMs

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Had a hard time starting my DRZ400 the other day, and the next time I went to crank the bike, battery was dead. Bought a new battery, and went for a 10 mile ride. On the way home, the bike died as I was slowing for a stop sign. Brand new Battery was dead. I managed to pop the clutch to get...
  12. Need advice on a Stator for my YZ250F!

    Street Tarders
    The other day i picked up a 2006 YZ250F in awesome shape, since then parts have been rolling in and i've been collecting everything i need to make her "street acceptable" here in Wy. My Problem is that i got a call the other day saying my stator i ordered is discontinued, little more research...