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  1. Husqvarna SMR 517 2008 - Wont Start

    Hi guys! I'm having some troubles with mi Husky (SMR 510 2008), he doesnt want to start! :damn: The thing is that after a month spending the winter in my garage it was time for me to do some adjustments like change oil/oil filter, air filter, change the tires, etc, etc (no valves check yet, it...
  2. KTM 520SX Conversion - Wiring/Switch help

    Street Tarders
    Just tying up a 520SX supermoto conversion (540 big bore, titled/plated) and I need some help. I got the wiring harness from an EXC and have it mostly figured out. The guy I bought the bike off of was running it without a battery, and there look to be two kill switches, one at each hand grip...
  3. Strange symtpoms... help diagnose?? DRZ400SM

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Firstly: Before suggesting I use the search engine, I should make clear that I have. Extensively. I am stumped because of the combination of so many strange symptoms, each of which could be attributed to small fixes, but something does not seem right about the way my bike has been acting. So...
  4. SM610 Husky Not Starting

    I wish riding today and i pulled up to my buddys shop and hung out for a bit. Then i tried to start it up and it turned over like 2 times then made a click noise and now thats all its doing when i try to turn it over. its not the battery i tryed to jump the bike and no lucky. PLEASE HELP. Its...
  5. DRZ Starter Issues???

    I ride an '09 drz sm with about 4400 miles. starting late last season and continuing all through this riding season my bike has had some starting issues. More often than not when i start my bike, it sounds very weak and almost doesn't start. almost like the battery was dying. despite only having...
  6. 1st issue - Bike died while riding

    Hey everyone! I'm seeking some advice, I'm thinking I might be able to do something myself, otherwise I need to wait till sunday to take it to the Dealer. I was riding on the highway doing around 170Kph 9000rpm or so (not constant, had to lower speed and accelerate due to traffic), at some...