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  1. Street Tarders
    After running bike (2011 FS570) for about an hour or two my bike will suddenly and noticeable start to chug a little bit then will completely stall out. When I pull over and try to hit the ignition again it just turns a few times and doesn't start. I usually have to wait about 30-40 minutes...
  2. Yamaha
    Looking at buying this 2009 wr 250x with 3000 miles on it. Only mod is a fmf pipe. The guy got it out this season and has only ridden it 18 miles but says it shut off on him once while riding it. When he bought the bike from the dealer it had the pipe on it already. When I started it up it idled...
  3. Street Tarders
    ok i have a 07 drz400sm full yosh 3x3 and jet kit for whatever reason when im on the highway 50-65mph maintaning a constant speed my drz feels like its starving for fuel and jerks me around, but when i give it gas it accelerates just fine. it only does it when im at higher speeds trying to...
1-3 of 3 Results