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  1. Street Tarders
    I recently just bought my first bike, a 2004 drz400e real nice and clean. Guy says he put less than 200 miles on it. I purchased to make it street legal to go to and from work. What i didnt know was even if i made all the necessary street legal mods for my state just because the title says "for...
  2. Wanted
    I'm looking for a Husqvarna or KTM if possible but would settle for about anything at this point. I'm wanting to spend around $4,000 and wouldn't mind driving a couple hours from Greenville. Any help would be appreciated. Riley
  3. Bikes
    PRICE DROP!! $3400 OBO. CASH TALKS. I NEED TO SELL QUICK!! Selling my baby. 2001 plated 'E'. I bought it mint with 20 hours in the dirt, and have put on 700 miles since sumo build. -Behr 17's -Shinko Trailmaster tires (80/20) -320mm EBC rotor -Stainless Brembo front line, cylinder, and...
  4. New SuperMoto Riders/Members
    Hey guys/gals :anim_peep:, Im new here. Live in the Charlotte area. How many of you live around here? Do you know of any Supermoto clubs around the area? I'm a street tarder not a racer. I currently do not own one due to a divorce, but am aiming at getting a DRZ-400SM (cheap and reliable) or a...
1-4 of 4 Results