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  1. 95 CR500 build

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    I've acquired 95 CR500 that I'm converting to supermoto. I'll be adding pictures as the build goes. I would appreciate any input and answers to que questions I will be making.
  2. New member (and yes I really am a DOG) from Orange County (SoCal) California.

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hello. I'm new to this website but I'm not new to riding. My name is Cecil and I am a 25lb Rat Terrier. My owner - John - rescued me from a kill shelter in Ohio where I only had 1 day left to live and now riding is one of my favorite activities. I have been riding for over 5 years and 50k+ miles...
  3. WTB 17x3.5, 17x4.25 36 hole rims SoCal

    Looking for red rims, 17"x3.5" and 17"x4.25" with 36 holes. Excel, DNA, Behr, Warp 9. Used or new considered. I'm in SoCal, so how much to buy and ship? I'll give you ZIP code in a PM for your final price. If you have spokes, I'll need those, too. But that's not required if you only have rims...
  4. North Orange County

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    any OC group rides comin up? cooks corner maybe? Lets tear shit up :arsenal