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  1. 2007 SMR 510 Kickstand and Key ignition

    Guys, Brand new to the site here. I picked up an 07 SMR 510 and have been giving it a complete overhaul. Got her running strong, but there isnt a kickstand on the bike. Tired of leaning it on random walls while im out. Im having trouble finding any information on aftermarket kickstands that...
  2. Planning to buy a Husky, help me which one!

    Hey guys! I'm planning to buy a Husqvarna SM510. My options are pretty restricted, because there aren't so much on the market. Could you help me decide which one would be a better choice? Option 1: 2006 SM510R 15000km, 410Hours. Electric start only. It had a rebuild at 360Hrs, it has a new...
  3. 2005 Husqvarna smr 510 front brakes

    Street Tarders
    Wondering if any husky SMR 510 riders know of the best brake pads for the front brakes on the brembo calipers. I have a 2005 model and recently took it to a mechanic who changed the disc and pads and the brakes are now no where near as powerful as they were previously. I've given them a chance...
  4. 2010 Husqvarna 510 smr 6th gear gone

    I purchased a 2010 510 smr about a month ago with 4500 miles. Put less then 30 miles on it running around town and heard a loud noise in 6th gear which sounded like chain slap. The noise only occurred when I got on throttle in 6th gear. I thought maybe it was just chain slap since the chain...
  5. Husqvarna Supermotos in movies and TV Shows

    Post here movies or TV shows that are using Husqvarna Supermotos (with photos/videos if possible). Arrow is definitely a fan of Husqvarna and Ducati motorcycles: Arrow S01 E15 - Husqvarna SMR 450/510 2008 @ min 0:46; Husqvarna SMR 450/510 2007 @ min 0:48 Arrow S03 E02 - Husqvarna SMR 450/510...
  6. Husqvarna SMR 510, too much for a beginner?

    I have the option to buy a new Husqvarna SM510 (year 2007), for 5000?, and I need to know if it's too much (dangerous) for a beginner. Don't suggest me to buy the SM610 because I would chose SM510 or SM450 for their light weight. Also, it is a smart move for a beginner to buy brand new, or...
  7. Husqvarna SMR 517 2008 - Wont Start

    Hi guys! I'm having some troubles with mi Husky (SMR 510 2008), he doesnt want to start! :damn: The thing is that after a month spending the winter in my garage it was time for me to do some adjustments like change oil/oil filter, air filter, change the tires, etc, etc (no valves check yet, it...
  8. Husqvarna SRM 510 '08 - Some power doubts

    Hi guys, I'm almost new in the forum and also new in Sumo. I'm from Madrid (Spain). I've been riding in cross and Enduro since I was very young, however the age and fear makes me try with Supermotard instead of being a bat crazy with the cross and enduro, yes I know what you are thinking, Sumo...
  9. husqvarna smr 510 07 engine - engine cases wanted!

    looking for 07 husqvarna smr 510 engine or just the cases... send me pics and price shiiped to 91980 [email protected]
  10. Wanted: '06-07 husqvarna te/smr-510 motor

    I was riding today at about 50mph when something must have jammed in the gearbox and blew a massive hole in the engine case. Rear wheel locked up and 50 yards later I controlled it to a stop on the side of the road. It's a 2006 TE-510 with roughly 3600 miles on it. I'm thinking it'd be easier...
  11. 2009 Husqvarna SM510R SoCal $6,200

    Hi, I putting my 2009 SM510R up for sale. Some facts about the the bike- I'm the original owner, the bikes never been down, it's well maintained (Motorex 10w-60 only, valve checks, ect). The bike does have a few mods that in include a power commander PC-V, billet quick-turn throttle...