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  1. WTB KTM/Saxess/Behr 17" Wheel set for RFS EXC

    I'm looking for a set of KTM/Saxess/Behr 17" Wheels for an 02 520 EXC. Let me know what you have. Thanks! Located in SLC, UT.
  2. DRZ400 SM Wheels & White Plastics

    Bike Parts
    Selling my supermoto wheel setup because I've switched back to dirt setup. This setup was used on my 2003 E model, but should work on S & SM models just the same. Also, a full set of white plastics. All in good condition. Includes DRZ400S headlight shroud, radiator shrouds, side plates (a few...
  3. XR 400 SM wheels

    Looking for a used set of sm wheels for my 98 xr400 project. On a little bit of a budget so i would like to spend around 800 for complete wheels with rotors. maybe even a sprocket and relocater bracket. Probably asking to much but worth a try before i buy some cheap wheels off motostrano and...