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  1. 2009 Suzuki DRZ400SM Plastics/Seat Advice

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi Guys, I didn't think I would have to post this on a forum, but I've just spent the last hour scouring the web for the answer, and surprisingly unsuccessful. I have a black 2009 DRZ400SM, which I want to buy a different color or plastics, seat and a larger tank for. I seen someone online...
  2. KTM body parts and Superbike bars

    Bike Parts
    These parts will all be going on Ebay soon, but I thought I'd give you guys first dibs. Photos: All parts are off of a 2003 KTM 525SX. All plastic EXCEPT the tank and airbox are brand new and have zero hours on them. They were installed on the bike (to sell)...
  3. newb drz seat question help please

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    i am looking at getting a gel seat for my 2003 e model and was wondering if they changed anything on the seats that would make them not work on mine from 06 to 09? here is the part number 99950-62175 thanks for your help the factory e seat isnt comfortable.
  4. A great seat option!

    Let me say up front, I have no connection to this company, don't know anyone there, and benefit nothing... For years I used seats from in the PWC industry. Last year, I had them cover a Honda Ruckus seat for me and was blown away w/ the quality at a low price point. I just...