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  1. Ktm450exc suspension setup

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Whats up, I just put my new DNA supermoto wheels on my 2003 450exc and i was wondering how I should set up my rear suspension sag for the street. anyone know static sag or race sag settings in millimeters that would be best for supermoto? I know everything has to be stiffer compared to dirt set...
  2. Muffler Rub

    Street Tarders
    My 17"s are understandably rubbing my FMF muffler on occasion. I assume this is when my wife hops on the bike for a short ride. I know that I can add spacers, but I want to keep the plastic/muffler where it is due to the luxury of easily having a second rider hopping on for easy-going rides. Is...
  3. DRZ400SM what is your sag?

    Just bought my DRZ a few months ago and I love it. I use it to commute back and fourth to work. I started out on a Dirt bike KX250F but I didn't get to ride it enough. Still have the dirt bike, ride it when I can but with the DRZ I can ride everyday NICE. At first I was thinking I should set the...
  4. wr250x suspension adjustment

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    i have an 08 wr250x, i am 180 lb without gear, and the suspension is way too soft for my liking ive read a few threads on here, thumper talk, and the wr250r forum and still have some questions. from what i have read the front suspension can be adjusted to the stiffest settings and work...
  5. The Proper Way to Set Up SAG for Supermoto

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    There are so many threads here and there trying to explain how to set the SAG, but they all end up just sharing their theories or personal "I feel this is right" setting. Setting the proper SAG (free and race) is a mathematical problem so if you know the math formula, please share. Race Tech...
  6. Calculating the proper Spring Rate for your weight - KTM

    How to calculate the spring rate needed for a particular rider weight? Lets put our brains together and build a proper thread with correct information. Just like in math class you must prove your answer by showing all your calculations. I found the following list online "this list of springs...