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  1. Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, new to the site. I have a question about converting a dual-sport 450 to a supermoto. My question is: will throwing a 320mm front rotor fit in the stock caliper? Or do I need a whole new brake set-up? Thanks!
  2. Bike Parts
    New! Never mounted! Magura SM rotor. Its the 320mm race rotor with a red carrier. Purchased the Magura radial mount kit for a set of 08 CRF450 forks and I don't need This rotor. Should fit all years CRF 250 & 450 both R and X models. Cheers! Trevor Post or text 818 231-0767
  3. Husaberg
    I have a '98 FC501 that I'm planning on converting. Here's my plans: Use stock hubs. Use a blank Kush sprocket and mill it. Lace my own wheels with whichever rims I end up deciding. Order spokes from Buchanan's. Here's the problems. I'm having trouble finding front rotors for the early Berg...
  4. Street Tarders
    Well I finally got around to purchasing an EBC 320mm rotor from my local bike shop at the begining of Feburary. It was about a month before I got the bike togeather and rode it. I didn't even get 100ft out of my driveway before I realized my brand new rotor was warped! I took great pains when...
  5. Wanted
    I am just about done with my super moto conversion on my XR650r and only need an oversized rotor to beef up the lacking brakes. I dont care much on the size as long as you have the bracket or it is obtainable lol. I dont feel like fabricating anything lol but if the price is right I might be...
  6. Street Tarders
    I've got 4 brand new factory sealed sets. I'm entertaining all offers over $100, shipped. NO joke! I don't wanna be greedy, just wanna spread the SMJ love!! Oversize rotor kits give your SuperMoto bike the competitive edge Rotor material has higher friction than plain stainless steel for...
  7. Bike Parts
    Hi, got a couple items to sell. First is a EBC 320mm rotor, will fit WR/YZ 450s 1999-2007, only until 2006 for the 250's i think. Part # SM6028. The condition is used, but excellent. I rode it a few times on the street, and the guy i bought it from had it at the Kart track a few times. see...
  8. Bike Parts
    Beringer Front Brake Assembly and Hydraulic Clutch Lever Assembly NEW, NEVER USED SUPERMOTO ENDURO CALIPER ASSEMBLY Retail $763.66 SALE PRICE $399.00 Beringer Front Brake Caliper Asssembly with Beringer floating pads. 4KT13 #1100 pads Left Side, 95 mm mounting bolt spacing, M8X125 Threaded...
  9. KTM
    I noticed I've got quite some free play on the rings keeping my brake disk together, how much freeplay is normal? When is it time to replace the disks?
1-9 of 9 Results