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  1. Supermoto pics/vids
    Still awaiting my oversize rotor and bracket. 2006 Rmz 450 Love this bike!
  2. Wanted
    Hello, Thank you for looking at my WTB post. Been working on a 2008 RMZ 450 for the street and am on my last list of items. I am needing a set of supermoto wheels for my build. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you all!!:thumbup:
  3. Street Tarders
    Hey guys! I know this is my first post. But I want to thank everyone so far!! I am in the beginning of street legalizing my 08 RMZ 450 and all thanks to you it is going nicely. The only obstacle I have now is the Lighting. I am curious what others have done to get a full lighting kit for the...
  4. Project Builds Showcase
    So I recently traded my '98 GSXR 1100 for an RMZ 250 (small I know but bare with me. I'm only 170lb and thats after the holidays! Plus the MPG is going to be ridiculous!), blue book was almost identical and I figured if I needed to flip it for the cash the dirt bike would be easier to get rid of...
  5. Suzuki
    I turned on photoshop to see how my drz will look with the dual akrapovic and the rear of the RMZ. The only problem i can get up, is the battery. Where did you guys place it after buying duals??
  6. Suzuki
    Hey everyone, I wanted to ask if anyone out there knows if a set of warp9 supermoto wheels meant for an RM-Z 450 would fit on kx450f. Have the wheels and ran into a good deal on a kawasaki! Any sugestions would be appreciated! BTW the rims were said to fit a 05-07 Rmz 450. I ask because I have...
  7. Bikes
    2007 rmz 450 supermoto. It has about every aftermarket part possible... super clean.. New wiesco piston and rings.. it has a brand new set of $1200 sunline nickel colored wheels with rotors and sprocket.. supermoto set up has about 50 miles on it and has a clear tn title..and the title does NOT...
1-7 of 7 Results