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  1. Excel Wheels for Suzuki DR650

    Bike Parts
    I have a set of Black Excel Supermoto wheels laced to stock hubs for a Suzuki DR650. Wheels are in excellent condition overall. The front comes with an EBC 320mm rotor and the caliper relocation bracket. The rear comes with a rotor but does not include cush or sprocket. There are a few small...
  2. Drz400sm talon hub fitment

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hey guys, i am ordering a pair of black excel rims with black talon hubs for my drz-sm:bannana: but since they are MX wheels, they do not have the chuck for the odometer! so when i install them, i wont know speed, miles and all that. worse case is i buy a trail tech vapor speedo but i was hoping...
  3. 2007 Honda 450 R Supermoto For Sale or Trade $6800.00

    You are looking at my dream bike going up for sale. I picked this up from the Dealer and went home and took it completely apart. If you have ever seen a “Biker Build-off” episode, that is what this bike went through. Here is a list of hardware and mods done added or performed on the bike...
  4. drz400sm dirt rims

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    hey, i bought a drz400sm thinking i was going to do light trails but i fell in love with dirt biking and now i want to get a set of dirt rims from the drz400 S/E for it. (i know ill have to do some minor modifications for the front disk). Anyway, i pu an add on craigslist and no one has any. any...