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  1. KLR to DRZ?

    Street Tarders
    Hello everybody! After spending over 300 hours (Not a joke. Seriously) reading forums on this site, TT, and ADV Rider trying to find the perfect bike, I finally decided to post my own question. Will I be satisfied coming from a KLR650 to a DRZ? As my name suggests, I am a fan of wheelies. That...
  2. What I Want In A Supermoto

    Street Tarders
    I've only got 25,000 miles on my Yamaha WR250X, but I want to get a head start on figuring out what to replace it with. I'd totally do another 250X, but Yamaha is no longer exporting to the US. My bike is a daily driver and the fact that I can go 26K miles between valve checks and do oil changes...
  3. sm610 decision... Please help

    Hi guys. Here is to hoping I can get the info I'm after to make my choice. Last year I had to sell my 2001 sm610s due to a new member to the family and much needed funds but the time has come to look at getting another and after riding a couple of different ktm models that my brothers own I...
  4. Reliability issues and first "true"supermoto

    Street Tarders
    I realize that this has been discussed before but as much as I search and troll on here I can't find the concrete info on it. I'm looking up to pick up my first real supermoto. I purchased a drz400 sometime last year with intent to supermoto it but my budget ended up getting blown on school...
  5. 500 exc maintance schedule for on road use.. SO CONFUSED!!!!

    Im currently in the process of choosing a dual sport enduro to supermoto out.. I am very interested in the 500exc but am concerned with the maintenance that will come with it from riding on long trips... will it be able to handle long trips with out having to re-adjust the valves and such? the...
  6. reliability of a 610sm

    so im new to the fourm, and new to a supermoto. i found a husky 610sm. its a 2006 with 7500 miles on it. im not sure how reliable it will be and if it will be able to be my everyday commuter(i dont mind the rough ride that ive heard so much about)? i know it needs its maintenance more than...
  7. Husky 610sm engine life? +2nd hand motard buying in general

    Street Tarders
    Hey, new to the forum! I'm looking into buying a motard =D Currently I've got my eye on a Husky 610sm, unfortunately due to the LAMs laws in Australia I can only get a pre 2009 model. I was just wondering how long these engines last between rebuilds? 30 000km with adequate oil changes? The two...