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  1. Husaberg FS 650 2001 rebuild and makeover.

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hello good supermoto friends! I've just bought a Husaberg 650 in not exactly mint condition. I'm gonna do a full frame teardown and build her up again. The engine will also get some upgrades and a light overhaul. I'm picking it up next week. Please post any build logs of Husaberg 650 in this...
  2. I should'a left my wallet home... 06 SM610 with an oopsie.

    But I didn't and now.... So either I sell it, or I think I'm trolling for motor parts, a trolling motor?? or buyer, or just my fair share of abuse. :rolleyes2: Or part of the reason I bought it, was a sick desire to push shove and jam an XS650 motor into the frame, There you've been...
  3. How do i get this exhaust???

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hi im new so no hate but i saw this exhaust and i fell in love. however its french i think, so i have no idea how to get it to california. here are some pics of the exhaust. it wraps around both sides of the jug which i think is badass, any help is much appreciated.:thumbup:
  4. WTB: Project bike. Blown motor, needs work ect. Illinois, Iowa, Wis, NW IN, SE MN

    Hey guys, been searching craigslist and other classifieds for a couple weeks now with no luck.. Looking for a cheap bike that needs some work. preferably from 1990 and up. Ideally I would like a DRZ but open to anything! (Had one a couple years ago and absolutely loved it!) Doesn't have to...
  5. Help starting 2012 KTM sxf450 build? tips and opinions!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    i want to convert my 2012 sxf 450 to a street legal supermoto and any help to how i could get it started and what i will need and need to look into as well would be much appreciated. im new to this supermoto stuff but i rode motocross for years!
  6. 2012 350 exc Supermoto Conversion

    Project Builds Showcase
    So summer has arrived,and i thought it would be a good idea to install my sm wheels onto my 2012 ktm 350 exc. Before 2011 350 sx-f Graphics/ Plastics and decals where used off-road. So Far Parts Ordered..... Full White Plastics Kit - MX1 Australia (Acerbis Retailer) 2012 "White Chrome...
  7. Boost Speed and horse power on my 2005 DRZ sm

    Project Builds Showcase
    Just got my DRZ a few weeks ago and I do plan on dropping some money into it over some time. What are some of you're suggestions on increasing power. And where should I start? I do a lot of high way driving ( 30 miles one way at 60-85mph) I'd like to get it powerful enough to cruise at 90 with...
  8. KTM EXC 360 -97 Moto Project

    Project Builds Showcase
    Hi Guys. I thought that you would like to see my winter project. I have been looking for big smoker for moto project and this one was too cheap to pass. Engine was seize up (don't know if this is the right term?) when I bought it and exterior was pretty beaten-up. Here are is pic from the day I...
  9. need mechanical help 1981 yamaha xt 250

    hi guys. i have not had my hands on the bike or seen it in person. it is not in running condition. it turns over and has sat for a long time. i can get it for around 150$ everything is there. it has 3k miles. but i am still learning about everything and how to fix it. would it be worth it to buy...