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  1. Clutch issues 2007 husqvarna SMR 450

    Hello, new here and i am not sure if this is the right place to post this but i am having some issues with the clutch on my bike. It started a few days ago when i was about to leave work and it kept stalling every time i put the bike in gear ( with the clutch in ) I had no choice but to ride...
  2. DRZ400SM Stalling when i pull the clutch at speed. Help appreciated.

    Hello all, my 400sm is stalling whenever i pull the clutch to coast, but only at above around 40 mph in 3rd, 4th, and 5th gear. The bike starts and idles perfectly, and has full power while accelerating. Not sure where to begin with this issue. All theories welcomed. Thanks in advance for any...
  3. new top end on cr problems

    General Mini Chat
    I have been working on a friends 1999 Honda Cr 80 he had blown the top end and had some pretty bad scaring in the jug so save a few bucks he got a "2003 CR80" jug off eBay that had a new standard bore sleeve in it . The jug also came with a new piston and ring the ad says it is a Wiesco...
  4. KTM 625 Problem PLEASE HELP!!!!

    Street Tarders
    Okay, I'll try to be brief while still relaying pertinent info. My 2004 KTM SXC 625 is still in the shop with no diagnosis, so I'm wondering if anyone else has had this problem. About once a month (I ride it almost everyday), while on the interstate cruising about 70mph it will start bogging...
  5. 2007 smr510 problems

    i have a 2007 smr510 that i had put a battery in backwards for a split second after that the lights would not shutoff after the engine would be turned off. i rode it twice after re-installing a new battery and while on the highway the engine died and would not turn over dew to the battery being...
  6. Help Me!?!?!?! husky smr 510 problems

    Street Tarders
    ok so Im new to smjunkie. I resently came across a 2006 husqvarna SMR510. my wife has been eanting a new bike for a wile so I thought what the heck. so I got it. when I got it, it was note running, the kid I got it off of had rebuilt the engine, it rean for 15 minutes then died, and would not...
  7. DR-Z400SM clutch safety start

    I have seen on some drz's that the cable going to the clutch requiring you to pull the clutch in to start the bike has been removed. I tried to pull it out from the clutch but it wont move. Any one know how to get it out?:headscrat