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  1. HELP do not know what is wrong.

    Hello all, So I built a 2011 kx450f supermoto and cannot figure out what is wrong with my bike. At a cruise in 4th gear it feels like my bike pulls back for a second and then will do it again at the same speed. It does not seem to lose any rpms, engine sounds fine. I was thinking maybe...
  2. drz400s no power at speedo

    My knowledge of motorcycles is very limited, so please bare with me if I didn't include any crucial information. I am in the process of converting my Drz400s 2006 to a supermoto, and I was installing the Trail Tech Vapor. I disconnected the stock speedo, and when I connected the vapor to the...
  3. Yamaha 450f 2004 Lights not working engine won't run anymore

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey, Had a great day of riding today, but ended with a bit of an annoying ending... So a few days ago my lights stopped working, i figured it was the buld or some faulty wiring or something of that nature. but don't think so anymore, when i came out to start it this morning. the Eletric start...
  4. wr426 flat spot? (lacking power)

    Street Tarders
    My wr426 Street legal seems to hit flat spots in power during acceleration like it is missing or something. When suddenly given nor than half throttle it seems to die. It has yz exhaust timing, wiseco piston and fmf powercore four and is jetted to suit. I hear a lot of this problem but no...
  5. lookin good ??

    Hey guys! and im just wondering if i would look good on a supermotard (ktm husky etc.) if im like 183cm-185cm ?? and would i fit it nice ?:rolleyes2::headscrat
  6. Having a clutch issue =[

    I own a 2007 drz400sm and as of lately probably the last 3 months I've been having an issue with my clutch. When I go to start the bike and I pull in the clutch then press the ignite button it doesn't always start. I don't know what to think of it at first, so I pulled the clutch in again and...
  7. Drz 400sm stator problems

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, i have a couple quick questions about the stators in these bikes, recently i had to purchase a new battery because mine was old and completely died, i used to have to charge it all the time. After i bought the new battery and installed it, jsut after 2 days it was completely dead ( i...
  8. WR 450 5th gear problem question

    So I'm plodding along in 4th and I tip her into 5th (I'm lifting it in 4th and bang her into 5th) and it starts to slip - grip... The common dog problem is my diagnosis... That's not my question, my question is that I keep hearing under cutting the dogs will solve the issue for next time round...
  9. 1st issue - Bike died while riding

    Hey everyone! I'm seeking some advice, I'm thinking I might be able to do something myself, otherwise I need to wait till sunday to take it to the Dealer. I was riding on the highway doing around 170Kph 9000rpm or so (not constant, had to lower speed and accelerate due to traffic), at some...