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  1. drz400s no power at speedo

    My knowledge of motorcycles is very limited, so please bare with me if I didn't include any crucial information. I am in the process of converting my Drz400s 2006 to a supermoto, and I was installing the Trail Tech Vapor. I disconnected the stock speedo, and when I connected the vapor to the...
  2. Another "What bike should I get" thread from a former SMC owner (sorry about that)

    Street Tarders
    Another "What bike should I get" thread from a former SMC owner (sorry about that) Hi guys! I have been very inactive in the supermoto scene (and in here) for quite some time now. Mostly because I am now living back in Denmark and had my SMC stolen a few years ago (a new one in Denmark is...
  3. KLR to DRZ?

    Street Tarders
    Hello everybody! After spending over 300 hours (Not a joke. Seriously) reading forums on this site, TT, and ADV Rider trying to find the perfect bike, I finally decided to post my own question. Will I be satisfied coming from a KLR650 to a DRZ? As my name suggests, I am a fan of wheelies. That...
  4. wr426 flat spot? (lacking power)

    Street Tarders
    My wr426 Street legal seems to hit flat spots in power during acceleration like it is missing or something. When suddenly given nor than half throttle it seems to die. It has yz exhaust timing, wiseco piston and fmf powercore four and is jetted to suit. I hear a lot of this problem but no...
  5. Yamaha WR125X MORE POWER!

    Tech/Setups for Supermoto
    Hey guys, New to this site this is my first post *blush*:rolleyes2: I recent brought a Yamaha WR125X and was just wondering if anybody knew what things I can do to it to give it a bit more... umph Yes I know the whole 125 4stroke can't get half decent power outputs from aftermarket parts and...
  6. Simple mods to offset rear sprocket decrease

    Hello all, first-time poster. I'm a fairly casual rider, my stock '09 DRZ400SM is the first bike I've owned and it's a ton of fun so far. I live in the city riding every day to work, and love it. One of my few gripes with it is how much the engine screams on the freeway. From what I read, plenty...
  7. HUSQVARNA 610 sm - Do i need a power upgrade? Advice please.

    Hi there, i have a 2005 Husqvarna 610sm which i heavily abuse every time i ride it, it cant be helped as the voices tell me to do crazy stuff. (is it normal to talk to urself inside ur lid) however i am used to bigger supersports bikes and this is my first motard and i have started to pull...
  8. another drz wheelie help post!!

    Supermoto Tips & Technique
    i have a 07 drz400 with full yosh pipe, FCR carb and stock gearing. i can do a wheelie in first without even thinking about it but i cant for the life of me do it in 2nd!!! wtf? also does it make sense that my bike is winding out at 60 mph?