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  1. WR250X Turbo Project start to finish

    Supermoto pics/vids
    So I have a 2009 wr250x that I have decided to Turbo charge. I purchased the stage 2 kit from and I will be receiving it on the 28th. I plan to video and photo record the project from start to finish to include some dyno runs. I have seen a few videos out there but no build ones yet so...
  2. Best performance for the least $$($110)

    Not the be all-end all of performance, but I found these few things to be a great improvement in the bike for a small investment in money. An MRD exhaust, big bore kit, cams, and FCR would be great, but that is a 2 grand investment. First the JD jet kit, if you have a DRZ you probably already...
  3. My 2009 drz400sm aka "black death"

    Project Builds Showcase
    So I have been looking to get a sm for a while and while saving up for about 3 months I was constantly on Craigslist. I purchased the Bike for 4,500 cash out of SB County but what a deal I got. Bike had 1,121 miles on all stock plus Renthal FATBARS. The guy who was selling it bought it new and...
  4. From Tuono to 06 Husky 510 SM....Brotard!

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Hey fellas. I have been riding an Aprilia Tuono for the last 5 years. After riding my mates 450sm for 2 weeks, i sold my T and bought an 06 510SM. Awesome bike, but you already know that. Now, i think that the bloke who owned this before me was a "consertive" rider and the bike has massive...