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  1. Can i make a 2014 ktm 250xc street legal in pa?

    Hey guys, I was looking at a 2014 ktm 250 xc two stroke and wanted to know if Its possible to make it street legal in Pa? I know the titles are different than most dirt bikes so it might be easier haha? I mainly want it for trails and stuff but getting to them is all near main roads. Plus they...
  2. West Central New Jersey Supermoto riders

    New Supermoto Riders/Members
    Looking for other supermoto riders in our area. We are located in West Central New Jersey. (Phillipsburg, NJ/Easton, PA) Warren County, Hunterdon County, the Lehigh Valley/East Central Pennsylvania. Here is our FB page, join us... https://www.facebook.../wcnjsupermoto/
  3. Western Pa Riders!!!

    Local Supermoto Ride alerts
    I'm in Grove City Pa, about an hour north of Pittsburgh!! Saw a group of guys on Supermotos last Saturday, I know I'm not the only one out there! Hit me up!
  4. DRZ400sm wanted in PA/NY

    hey, does anyone know any dealers in PA or possibly NY that have any drz400sm's for sale. i've looked around and i cant find any. i'm in the williamsport pa area, but you definately be willing to drive a reasonable distance for one! anything would help alot. please! thanks!
  5. Need Help Getting PA Legal

    Street Tarders
    So I'm thinking about moving to the city but I have a KLX110 setup for mx that I'd like to bring. Hmmmm maybe make it a legal motard mini? There are "baja" kits available to cover most of the items missing. Pretty sure the only other items I need are mirrors, speedometer, and DOT tires to make...